Fighting Acne With Food

Fighting Acne With Food | Ask Top Doc's at Spectrum Dermatology

Fighting Acne With Food

Acne can be one of the most frustrating and embarrassing skin issues anyone can put up with. Many times no amount of creams or lasers will have an effect on the breakouts that many people are forced to endure.

Over the years there have been many studies on the link between various foods and acne, and the strongest evidence can be summarized in three takeaways:

• If you eat dairy products, avoid low-fat dairy varieties.
• Avoid sugary and starchy foods that have a high glycemic index (causing blood sugar to rise rapidly)
• Eat plenty of very colorful plants and produce.

Scientists aren’t sure why, but one reason may be that high glycemic foods not only cause blood sugar levels to rise but also prompt the release of various hormones, such as insulin, IGF-1 and growth hormone which can make acne much worse.

When looking at dairy products, milk has a lot of growth factors in it, which, in general, may be promoting acne. When the fat is taken out, the growth factors get more concentrated. Those who eat dairy products should avoid the low-fat options. It becomes clear that eating a clean, well-balanced diet can definitely help with acne.

Ask Spectrum Dermatology Providers How To Fight Acne

At Spectrum Dermatology, we can help with your acne breakouts and scarring issues. Along with the recommendations of a well-balanced diet, there are some other dermatological ways to fight acne. Give Spectrum Dermatology a call at (480) 948-4800, and we can discuss with you the options we have to fight acne.