4 “Tricks” That CoolSculpting Puts to Shame

CoolSculpting Puts "Tricks" to Shame | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

4 “Tricks” That CoolSculpting Puts to Shame

CoolSculpting can be performed on a wide variety of areas, from the chin to the flanks, but one of the most popular sites of all is the tummy. Spectrum Dermatology works with clients to provide the contour and shape they deserve—and which often can’t be achieved through diet and exercise alone. It’s a revolutionary, non-surgical procedure that permanently freezes away fat. However, it comes on the heels of centuries-long attempts to achieve that ideal Coke-bottle figure and totally flat stomach.

The Other Options

Here are a few tricks and tools used in years past to try to achieve the look only CoolSculpting can offer:

  1. The corset. Corsets fade in and out of style, and have been made from materials ranging from the latest spandex to whale bones. Some women try to “waist train” in order to get their midsection to stay pulled in, and that can lead to devastating results. Not only do you have to wear an uncomfortable corset most of the time, you can also displace organs and even fracture bones in extreme situations. (Plus, spoiler: your natural shape will eventually return once you stop wearing the corset).
  2. A close cousin to the corset, “shapewear” is considered a gamechanger by many people. However, this is really just super-strong stretchy fabric that temporarily reshapes the body. It can be uncomfortable, expensive, and of course only works when you’re wearing it.
  3. Vibrating bands. A popular mid-century exercise tool required simply standing in place while a vibrating band jiggled your belly. It remained popular until people realized it didn’t do anything at all. Next, please.
  4. Crunches can be a great exercise to strengthen your anterior core. However, strengthening muscles really means making them bigger. Getting a six-pack or eight-pack often means your mid-section gets a little bigger because your abs are growing in size. It can be a great look, but also requires virtually no belly fat to actually show off your hard work—and CoolSculpting is a way to do it. Combine crunches with CoolSculpting to get the look you really want.

Say Goodbye To The Tricks

Diet and exercise can only reduce fat cell size, not remove them. The latter is only achievable in a non-surgical way with CoolSculpting. Call Spectrum Dermatology today at 480-948-8400 and schedule your complimentary consultation today.