5 Chronic Skin Conditions

5 Chronic Skin Conditions | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale, AZ

5 Chronic Skin Conditions

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, and Spectrum Dermatology specializes in five of the most chronic skin conditions—sunburns, hair loss, rashes, Vitiligo, and varicose veins.


Most people have experienced a few sunburns in their life. The damage to your skin is both long-term and short-term. The initial burn can be severe (sometimes requiring medical attention), but the lingering effects can take years to form. Sunburn damage can include premature aging, wrinkles, sun spots and even skin cancer. Fortunately, with preventative measures like skin cancer screening and laser treatments for damage, you can reverse some of the damage you’re bound to be saddled with.

Hair Loss

There are many types of hair loss from alopecia (sub-categories can include many types), male pattern baldness, age-related thinning, and hair loss due to scars/burns or malnutrition (often from heavily restrictive diets). The treatment for hair loss varies and can include Minoxidil (Rogaine), laser therapy, and simple solutions like diet changes or switching your shampoo regimen.


Like hair loss, rashes can be caused by a variety of things from stress to allergic reactions. They might actually be misdiagnosed and could be signs of psoriasis or rosacea. To address rashes, first, you need a reputable dermatologist who can correctly identify the problem. Sometimes rash fixes are fast and easy, but sometimes it’s a lifetime of maintenance. Like any other concern, fast action is key. The earlier you act and see a dermatologist, the better off you’ll be.


Vitiligo was made famous by Michael Jackson, and today top-ranked models with the disorder are walking the runways. The most common indicator is “spots” of white skin, almost always on black patients, that seem to spread and grow over time. This happens when the melanin in the skin is destroyed, and pigment-forming cells are damaged. Anyone can have vitiligo, but it’s just much more noticeable in darker-skinned people. A biopsy is often in order, and the treatment plan varies based on your unique skin and results.

Varicose Veins

Women and older populations are most at risk of varicose veins. Usually, these veins aren’t dangerous—but can be unsightly. However, in rare cases, they can cause issues and be very painful. Treatment is possible but will vary based on your body and the degree of the veins. For many patients, it’s simply an outpatient easy medical procedure.

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