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Spectrum Dermatology provides the latest dermatology therapies and treatments to clients, and offering this level of care means engaging in clinical research studies. These studies are the foundation for developing cutting edge treatments, and they’re available to you first if you’re selected as a participant. When you volunteer for a research study, you have access to the latest treatments and procedures before they’re available to the market or by physician prescription.

The research division at Spectrum Dermatology is dedicated to using state of the art therapies to provide the absolute best care for our patients. Research is requested by pharmaceutical companies of all sizes, and the data compiled during the research helps demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of new products in order to meet FDA approval requirements.

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Nancy Kim, MD, FAAD is the leader of the research division and is supported by the best and brightest minds in dermatology. Patients enjoy the best experience when they’re cared for by the best staff—and that’s exactly what you’ll get at both from Spectrum Dermatology and the research division. You’ll notice the difference as soon as you arrive at the clinic, where you’ll be greeted by a warm staff, and seen in a comfortable, professional environment.

Spectrum Dermatology Clinical Trials

Patients should never feel like they didn’t get the time and attention they deserve when visiting a doctor’s office. That’s why Spectrum Dermatology and the research division genuinely listens to every patient to understand you, your concerns, and your goals. Patient comfort is a top priority. Learn more about our current clinical trials.

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Participants Pay No Fee

There is no charge to participate in these clinical trials. The research division has exclusive access to investigational biologics and medications not yet approved by the FDA—which means these trials aren’t available anywhere else.

It’s no secret that the rising cost of health care is staggering, especially for medications. That’s why the research division offers these clinical trials to participants like you at no cost. You can be part of the further discovery of solutions to some of the most pressing dermatological issues.

Finding out if you qualify to enroll as a clinical trial participant is also free of charge. Your consultation is complimentary, and you’ll work with friendly, expert staff to determine if you’re a good candidate for particular research trials.

No Insurance? No Problem!

Participants in clinical research trials do not need insurance in order to participate—or to have access to the latest treatments. There is never a fee for medications, examinations, or lab tests associated with these clinical trials. In fact, the research division is committed to including those who need financial assistance for their dermatological condition or who lack access to more conventional treatments.

Whether you currently lack insurance or the financial means to access the care you need, or simply are unhappy with your current treatment plan and are ready to try something new, a clinical research trial might be for you. The research division will work with you to devise which treatment plan is best for you and your needs.

We have a friendly and helpful staff with expertise in the latest and greatest treatments for a variety of dermatological ailments along with access to research studies that may offer a compelling alternative for your situation. If you are interested in joining a dermatology clinical research study, please contact us today at researchadmin@spectrumdermatology.com or call (480) 404-9879 to schedule your free consultation or for more information.

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