Acne and Self-Esteem

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Acne and Self-Esteem

There are various types of acne, and some, such as cystic acne, can be painful and lead to permanent scars. At Spectrum Dermatology, acne is treated as the serious skin condition that it is. Just because an issue like acne is common does not lessen its damage and side effects. Acne is more than a painful esthetic concern—it’s also tied to self-esteem and confidence.

Although acne is often considered a rite of passage for teenagers, almost akin to hazing, the reality is that acne can and does happen at any time in a person’s life. Changing hormones can cause or exacerbate acne, which is why it’s so often connected to teenagers. It’s true that teenagers are already at a higher risk for faltering self-esteem due to their age, hormone fluctuations, and numerous additional life changes, but the same can be true at any age.

Studies have repeatedly shown that acne is connected to emotional, social, and psychological struggles. In some cases, these ramifications are as serious as those connected to chronic health conditions like arthritis or epilepsy. Acne can often come with emotional consequences, which means it should never be brushed off as a “teenage problem.”

Acne is tied to depression, and it’s easy to understand how it can make a person feel depressed, anxious, and angry. Any type of acne, from severe to mild, can cause feelings of depression. Some adults are even more prone to depression from acne compared to teenagers because they’ve been dealing with it longer or might have thought they’d be “over” acne when they became an adult.

Acne can be detrimental to social health because it can’t be hidden like other issues. If a person is too uncomfortable or embarrassed by their acne, they might feel ashamed and avoid seeing friends or doing things they love. Fortunately, curing acne can often help improve a person’s mental and emotional health.

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