Adult Acne Increasingly Common

Adult Acne Increasingly Common | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Adult Acne Increasingly Common

It’s well-known that teens are often plagued with acne, with one study estimating that 85 percent of those aged 12 – 24 experience some type of acne. However, at Spectrum Dermatology we’ve been seeing an increase in adult acne, and it turns out that it’s on the rise. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that more adults, and particularly women, are getting adult acne. The AAD estimates that half of the women in their 20s have or have had acne, and 25 percent of women in their 40s still struggle with it. But why?

What researchers say about adult acne

Researchers blame an increase in stress, overuse of beauty products, changing hormones, and more pollution for the spike. Hormone shifts and environmental factors have always been causes for acne, and as more people move to urban areas, it makes sense that related side effects will increase. However, acne (and all skin conditions) are notoriously under-reported. More adults than we realize are likely challenged with acne.

It also doesn’t help that we’re bombarded with certain media images, making us more aware of appearance than ever before. This means that psychological conditions related to acne, such as anxiety and depression, are also on the rise. It’s impossible to live up to today’s beauty standards (considering everyone is photoshopped), which is making people hyper-aware of their skin condition. Of course, stress can also lead to acne, creating a vicious circle.

The lingering effects of adult acne

Acne can be more psychologically damaging to women than to men, at least according to one German study. Add to all of this the fact that acne also still carries a stigma, too. Plus, even if you do get acne under control, scars can linger. The good news is that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Many adults need more than over the counter topicals for their acne, and much more to erase acne scarring. Only a dermatologist can provide you with the right, powerful tools to prevent acne and treat any lingering marks. Prescriptions for acne combined with laser therapy, IPL, microneedling, and a host of other options can all help give you the clear skin you deserve. Call Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 to schedule your acne treatment in Phoenix.