It’s Allergy Season in Arizona!

It's Allergy Season in Arizona! | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

It’s Allergy Season in Arizona!

If you’re feeling wheezy, sneezy, and your eyes are scratchy and watery, you’re probably not still suffering from a winter cold. February marks the beginning of allergy season in Arizona, and Spectrum Dermatology is at the ready with patch tests to identify what’s bugging you-so it can be easily treated. From grass to pollen, a number of environmental factors are seasonal. However, year-round allergies can pop up as we age, too. (You might actually be allergic to Fluffy or Fido’s dander, even though you weren’t when you adopted your fur babies).

Patch Allergy Testing vs. Scratch Tests

Skin tests for allergies can only be done at your doctor’s office, and the patch allergy test is less invasive than the scratch test. This makes it perfect for children and anyone who doesn’t consider a series of tiny skin pricks the idea of a perfect afternoon. Most tests take no longer than 40 minutes, and your dermatologists can tell you within days what you’re allergic to and to what degree.

What to Expect with Allergy Testing

Patch tests determine if you’re allergic to a substance by checking for skin irritation. Also known as “contact dermatitis,” patch testing often shows evidence of irritation immediately, but it can sometimes take days for a delayed reaction to occur. You might be exposed to up to 30 types of substances via tiny extracts. This can include medications, metals, latex, dander, pollen, and much more. If you have an idea of what you might be allergic to, tell your doctor.

The patches are worn for 48 hours and might be placed on your back or arm. During this period, you can’t sweat or shower, so plan ahead. You’ll also need to return to your doctor within that 48 hour period to check the results. If you do have allergies, there are numerous treatment options that range from prescription medication to immunotherapy.

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