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Book Your TeleHealth Appointment Now

At Spectrum Dermatology, we have always put the health and safety of our patients first—and right now is no exception. Our clinic has been abiding by the social distancing and self-isolation best practices as mandated by the state, but we are still here for you during this temporary closure. You can book a TeleHealth appointment during COVID-19 right now with select providers. Book online and check to see which providers are offering this service.

TeleHealth has been a popular and thriving option for seeing providers well before the coronavirus. Our clinic will likely continue to provide these services after business operations have resumed. Currently, and in the foreseeable future, we are serving both existing and new patients through TeleHealth. Although many clinics have chosen not to use this tool, we understand that when it comes to your health and peace of mind, finding a reputable provider can be frustrating for new patients. That’s why our TeleHealth options are open to all.

Some skin diseases and disorders just can’t wait—like melanoma. In rare and pressing instances, our clinic will make an exception and ask patients to come for in-person appointments if recommended by one of our providers following a TeleHealth appointment.

The Benefits of TeleHealth

There are clear benefits to offering virtual dermatology appointments in the midst of a pandemic. It allows us to continue serving our patients in a way that reduces the risk of coming in contact with the coronavirus. However, there’s also a reason virtual appointments and consultations were in high demand before COVID-19.

Not everyone has easy access to a highly-skilled provider and clinic. Many patients live in rural areas and have to drive several hours simply to see their dermatologist or physician for a routine checkup that might catch dangerous symptoms. For example, performing monthly “mole checks” at home is an important supplement to an annual skin check with your dermatologist, because only a trained professional has the background, experience, and tools to spot every suspicious mole. Those in rural areas who understandably skip or cancel routine appointments due to the inconvenience of distance can make sure they’re getting the quality, routine care they need with TeleHealth.

There are also physical, emotional, and mental disparities that can make it difficult to regularly see a dermatologist or physician. Those with a physical disability or who have an emotional or mental disorder, such as depression or anxiety, can sometimes find it very difficult to keep consistent in-person appointments. TeleHealth allows patients to see their preferred provider from the comfort of their own home. Virtual appointments prioritize access, which is (or should be) at the heart of comprehensive healthcare.

Technology for Good

Technology evolves and changes at an incredible pace. Today’s technology allows for virtual appointments to be almost as good as an in-person appointment. Of course, there’s no way to immediately follow up a virtual appointment with an action item like a skin biopsy, and that’s why our clinic is physically open in limited capacity during COVID-19. However, the majority of the time a TeleHealth appointment does not require an immediate in-person meeting. Many skin concerns can be diagnosed and treated in a strictly virtual setting. Furthermore, prescription medications can be prescribed and ordered without a patient needing to leave the safety of their home.

Technology will, of course, continue to improve as we move forward with TeleHealth options. Thanks to high-speed internet, fantastic cameras and microphones on standard phones and laptops, and the ability to use various functions for virtual communication including chat and translation services, it’s easier than ever to connect with a provider at your convenience.

Connect Today from Anywhere

TeleHealth allows our clinic to serve a much wider and more dispersed client demographic. Virtual communication means you are no longer limited by your geographic location, so patients who travel during the winter season can still be seen by a provider.

Are you concerned about a skin condition or issue but don’t want to put yourself at risk by leaving your home? Are you a new patient whose former clinic is not offering virtual appointments? Contact Spectrum Dermatology at (480)-948-8400 today to schedule your TeleHealth appointment.