Can Stress Be Causing My Skin Problems?

Can Stress Be Causing My Skin Problems? Board Certified Dermatologists

Can Stress Be Causing My Skin Problems?

There are many aspects related to skin care and dermatology…from products to procedures to fillers and treatments. But do we talk much about stress and the effects it can have on our skin?

Everyone is under a great deal of stress a majority of the time and undeniably it takes a toll on our bodies. One very major and visible sign of stress is a change in the skin. As the body responds to stress, it releases hormones. These hormones two of which are; cortisol and epinephrine are the two that are most responsible for wreaking havoc on the skin.

Cortisol causes the skin to decrease its retention of moisture, which causes the oil glands to overcompensate, thus causing acne breakouts. It can also worsen eczema and psoriasis. High cortisol levels also can lead to premature aging.

Epinephrine released during stress clamps down on blood vessels in the skin to redirect blood flow to the brain and muscles, aiding in the fight or flight response. This decrease in blood flow diminishes oxygen delivery, resulting in a shallow complexion and leading to acne breakouts.

Consulting a board certified dermatologist and asking for an evaluation is a good beginning to stave off the decline of your healthy skin by stressors. He or She can arrange a tailor-made skin regimen for you to follow, along with advising you of the de-stressors you will need to add to your life such as more sleep, drinking more water and a meditation related activity such as yoga.

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