Causes for Embarrassing Sweat (and the Cure)

Causes for Embarrassing Sweat | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Causes for Embarrassing Sweat (and the Cure)

According to researchers at Saint Louis University, hyperhidrosis—or excessive sweating—is a much more prevalent problem than previously reported. At Spectrum Dermatology, we will eliminate the embarrassing sweats. It’s estimated that 7.8 million Americans suffer from excessive sweating. That’s 2.8 percent of the total population, and just over 50 percent exclusively have excessive sweating in the underarm area. The definition of hyperhidrosis is when a person sweats more than is expected based on their activity level, stress, or the environment. Hyperhidrosis is a medical problem that can cause a decrease in self-esteem and even get in the way of daily activities.

This Treatment Keeps You Dry

Hyperhidrosis is most common in the underarms but can also affect the entire body. Other common areas include the palms, soles of the feet, and face. In some cases, there are underlying medical issues causing hyperhidrosis, but more commonly it is caused by sweat glands being overactive. Primary hyperhidrosis is a type of excessive sweating that has genetic links.

There are several potential causes for hyperhidrosis including diabetic hypoglycemia, malaria, leukemia, and endocarditis. Your doctor can rule out less common disease-based causes of hyperhidrosis. Most of the time, this condition is simply caused by overactive glands—and now there is a permanent cure.

Sweating is a good thing in moderate doses because it’s how the body regulates temperature. However, if your excessive sweating is getting in the way of activities you love, causes you embarrassment, or keeps you from wearing clothes that you love, miraDry might be for you. miraDry is a non-invasive, permanent solution to hyperhidrosis. The treatment is fast and discreet. Electromagnetic energy is directed at the “sweat sites” to permanently destroy excessive sweat glands. You’ll notice results immediately.

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There’s no reason to continue to struggle with too much sweating, to avoid wearing certain materials or colors, or to bow out of activities that might highlight your hyperhidrosis. miraDry is safe, effective, and can help improve your self-confidence. Contact Spectrum Dermatology today for your complimentary consultation.