What Causes Spider Veins and How to Get Rid of Them

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What Causes Spider Veins and How to Get Rid of Them

You often see them on the lower extremities; those dilated capillaries on the skin that resemble spider legs. They are called spider veins and are actually very common in men as well as women. Once they’re there, they never seem to go away.

What causes spider veins? If you’ve seen them on your mom or grandmother, then chances are you will develop them, too, as heredity plays a big role. In addition, there are certain choices you can make in your lifestyle that can contribute to the development of spider veins.

Here are the three main causes of spider veins:

  • Smoking. Seems there’s not much of anything good to say about smoking. Smoking restricts blood circulation, thus causing blood vessels to swell. This in turn can cause spider veins.
  • Obesity. Being very overweight is never a good thing. Besides all of the other health-related issues that go along with being so obese, this can cause spider veins, too. Again, it has to do with proper blood circulation, something you don’t get when your body is so overweight.
  • Hormonal birth control. Being on the pill can also contribute to the formation of spider veins as you age. Birth control causes your hormones to act in different ways, thus weakening vein walls and can help to speed up the creation of spider veins.


So, what should you do when one day you look down and notice those little spidery veins on the back of your leg? They are definitely not very attractive and where you see just one, more are destined to follow.

One of the best and most effective treatment options is a procedure called sclerotherapy. This treatment consists of injecting a salt, fatty acids and glycerin solution into the spider vein. This helps to collapse the vein and allows the blood to flow back into the bloodstream. The collapsed vein eventually becomes scar tissue which is absorbed into the body.

Best of all, sclerotherapy doesn’t leave a scar and there are no adverse effects. There may be a slight itching or tenderness near the injection site, but most patients report nothing more serious than that. If you are thinking of coming in for a laser cosmetic dermatology treatment and have spider veins, consider sclerotherapy. Contact Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 or book online to schedule your free consultation.