Chemical Peels vs. Facials

Chemical Peels vs. Facials | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Chemical Peels vs. Facials

There are many types of chemical peels and a lot of different facials, and sometimes these two treatments can look alike when the product is on the face—but they are wildly different. Spectrum Dermatology offers a wide range of chemicals peels ranging from mild to deep, and some clients are initially confused about the difference between peels and facials. Here’s a rundown of how they’re different, and why a chemical peel offers much more dramatic results.

Both chemical peels and facials can make you look younger by making the skin tighter and brighter. However, a facial might include steam to open glands, exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, and a topical treatment like a toner or serum to amplify results. Facials work strictly on the surface level to lessen the damage of environmental factors, heal and treat skin, and help strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier. Some cell rejuvenation can be achieved with a facial, but it’s minimal. Facials are generally very mild, and the results are subtle in most cases.

A chemical peel is more dramatic because it removes the top layer of skin with a chemical solution. This also doubles as an exfoliant, because as the top layers of skin are safely removed, so is the damaged skin. Every chemical peel is formulated for the client’s needs and is designed to kickstart new cell growth.

Chemical peels can reduce lines, wrinkles,  freckles, fix sun damage, improve acne scars, and address hyperpigmentation. They can even make rough or scaly areas baby-smooth. How dramatic a chemical peel is will depend largely on the makeup of the chemicals. A mild chemical peel is still much more dramatic than a facial but requires minimal downtime. However, a deep chemical peel can require up to two weeks to fully recover but is so effective some clients use it as an alternative to a facelift.

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