Common Skin Cancer Myths

Common Skin Cancer Myths | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Common Skin Cancer Myths

There are various types of skin cancers, and any type of cancer can have a lot of misinformation about it. At Spectrum Dermatology, patient safety is our top priority. Although many clients come to the clinic for aesthetic issues, it’s always a good idea to undergo a skin check at least once per year. This is the best way to catch and treat skin cancer as early as possible.

However, most people don’t see their dermatologist regularly for skin checks. It’s one of the many mistakes made around skin cancer care.

A few other myths include:

1. Skin cancer isn’t a big deal. Any cancer is a “big deal.” However, when skin cancer is caught early, the treatment is often the removal of the cancerous area without the need for radiation or chemotherapy. If cancer progresses, more serious treatments are likely needed.
2. I can’t get skin cancer if I don’t have any moles. Moles are one of the biggest indicators of skin cancer, but cancer can certainly occur without a tell-tale mole.
3. I can’t get skin cancer if I have darker skin. Although fairer people with a lot of moles have higher rates of skin cancer than others, anyone can get skin cancer. Those with more melanin simply have better natural defenses against sun damage. This doesn’t make them immune.
4. I always wear sunscreen, so I won’t get skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen is a must, and it will drastically reduce your odds of getting skin cancer, but it’s not a guarantee. Plus, many people don’t use sunscreen as recommended, which means reapplying liberally every two hours.
5. Living in a cloudy region means skin cancer isn’t a “thing” here. The more exposure you have to the sun, the higher your risk of skin cancer. Still, there are people in cloudy regions who are diagnosed with skin cancer every year.

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