How CoolSculpting Can Help with Fat Pockets

How CoolSculpting Can Help with Fat Pockets | Spectrum Dermatology

How CoolSculpting Can Help with Fat Pockets

Every person is different, and everyone stores fat in their body differently-otherwise known as varying fat distribution. At Spectrum Dermatology, we’ve encountered an increasing number of patients asking about CoolSculpting, and with good reason. It’s the only non-invasive, non-surgical, safe way to “fat target” the body, which results in a sculpted look. CoolSculpting isn’t a fat-loss procedure, but it does allow a skilled professional to target stubborn fat pockets and freeze away excess fat distribution.

Why Patients Love CoolSculpting

The targeted areas are treated and, over a few weeks, the frozen fat naturally dissolves in the body. Unlike liposuction, the surgical alternative to target fat loss, there’s no surgery, no downtime, and no recovery period. But why do we store fat in different ways, to begin with?

Even people in good health and at their target weight might have extra adipose tissue in their stomach area, their buttocks, back of their arms, and back of their legs. Nobody carries weight the same way. Women usually store fat differently than men, but there can be vast differences even within the same gender (think apple vs. pear shapes). Recently, researchers have defined four primary manifestations (types of obesity) that are caused by genetics, diet, and activity levels. They include:

  • Excess fat that’s even throughout the body
  • Excess subcutaneous (lower) fat in the abdominal and trunk area (usually in males)
  • Excess subcutaneous (lower) fat in the femoral/gluteal/trunk area (usually in females)
  • Excess subcutaneous (lower) fat in the abdominal region. Also known as abdominal visceral obesity.

Those who fall into the first category might not look overweight at all (and may not be). Many models, bodybuilders, and celebrities are naturally this phenotype. The second type is usually found in males and increases with age. It’s why you don’t often see men with unusually large hips or thighs compared to the rest of their body-instead, the “beer belly” is more common. It’s also more common for those experiencing chronic stress. Women in menopause or who use illegal steroids (i.e., for fitness competitions) may also have this type of fat distribution.

The third type is most common in women and has lower health risks than other types of fat distribution. However, it’s also more stubborn than other types of distribution, which is partially why men seem to lose weight faster than women. The fourth type, belly weight, is the most dangerous. Visceral ab fat increases as you age regardless of gender, but genetics do play a role.

CoolSculpting Consultation – Spectrum Dermatology

No matter your body type or fat distribution, CoolSculpting may be the safe answer you’ve been looking for to tone up and get rid of a few small problem areas. While CoolSculpting is not weight loss, it can help you fight those last few trouble spots. Book your free online consultation with Spectrum Dermatology today. Call (480) 948-8400 to get started.