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Freeze Fat with CoolSculpting


CoolSculpting is a fat-freezing procedure that is FDA-cleared to remove stubborn fat in the abdomen, love handles, double chin, inner thighs, and outer thighs. Proven safe and effective, CoolSculpting is preferred by many patients to reshape and contour the body. No wonder so many people feel confident in the CoolSculpting Fat Reduction procedure!

How CoolSculpting Works

CoolSculpting is one of the newest and most promising nonsurgical techniques for localized fat reduction. Having received FDA-approval in 2010, CoolSculpting is a form of cryolipolysis which cools the targeted fat tissue to break down the fat cells for easy removal without damage to surrounding skin and muscle. The natural repair mechanisms of the body remove the freeze-injured cells over a period of months.

The results are noticeable and natural looking with a 20% reduction of the fat tissue after a single treatment. Multiple treatments create an additive reduction in the localized fat deposits. After defrosting, the treated fat cells are removed through our body’s natural metabolic similar to the way fat from food is removed. This allows for a gradual reduction in fat from targeted areas to create a slimmer, more defined appearance. Loose skin will not be a new problem after the results from CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, Arizona
CoolSculpting Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, Arizona

Many of us have stubborn fat despite diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, Arizona

CoolSculpting technology uses controlled cooling to target and kill only these fat cells.

CoolSculpting Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, Arizona

In the weeks to follow, your body naturally processes the fat and removes these dead cells.

CoolSculpting Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, Arizona

CoolScupting procedure results and long-term, and treated fat cells are gone for good.

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What To Expect With CoolSculpting

Most patients are surprised by how much they enjoy the CoolSculpting procedure by relaxing, watching a movie, and working, while we freeze away billions of fat cells! CoolSculpting has no downtime, with some numbness where fat is treated and mild soreness. Patients can expect to see a difference in their appearance in as little as two to three weeks, with most results are seen at two months.

Visible fat can be unsightly and many patients are  unhappy with that persistent bulge that just won’t go away despite rigorous exercise and a healthy diet. Surgical options such as liposuction leave patients with longer recovery times and more risk as with any surgery.

CoolSculpting Benefits

As a completely non-invasive procedure, CoolSculpting offers patients many benefits over other fat reduction procedures. Some of these benefits include:

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical
  • Reduces fat by freezing it
  • No anesthesia needed
  • No injections or needles
  • Zero downtime
  • Doesn’t damage surrounding skin
  • Ideal for body, arms, stomach, and more
CoolSculpting Before Afters Spectrum Dermatology | Scottsdale, AZ
CoolSculpting Before/After Photo*

Versatile Fat Reduction by Freezing It Away

As one of today’s most versatile cosmetic treatments, CoolSculpting can target nearly any area of unwanted fat. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, thighs, saddlebags, inner thighs, love handles, arms, chest, waist, and back. Our CoolSculpting experience is extensive, with continued progress in fat reduction on new body areas. The reason for this, is our past CoolSculpting patients ask us to treat new areas. We share our experience with you to develop the most effective CoolSculpting treatment plan to accomplish your goals.

Effective At Reducing Pockets of Fat

Backed by years of research, CoolSculpting is based on the scientific principle that fat is more sensitive to cold than underlying fat. Triggering a natural process known as apoptosis, CoolSculpting reduces fat cells from the body without damaging nerves or surrounding tissue.* The CoolSculpting process was identified and created by dermatologists and the technology has existed for nearly 20 years proving it is safe and effective. Over the weeks and months following treatment, you’ll see changes in the fat layer which results in a noticeable and measurable difference in the area treated by CoolSculpting.

How CoolSculpting Differs From Liposuction

Years of research have finally offered up an intriguing and effective new approach: CoolSculpting. This procedure requires no incisions, no anesthesia, and no recovery time, harnessing the power of cold and the body’s own metabolizing process to reduce fat on problems areas on most of the body. CoolSculpting is different than liposuction as it allows the patient to enjoy the results much sooner and is a quite comfortable procedure allowing one to return to work or daily activities right away.

*The extent of the response to the CoolSculpting treatment impacting personal results varies from patient to patient. To determine whether you are a good candidate for CoolSculpting, please can or schedule a Complimentary Consultation.

CoolSculpting Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have weight gain after the treatment?

Is it possible to have weight gain after the treatment? Many people, after seeing the results from their CoolSculpting procedure, take even better care of themselves. However, if you do gain weight, you may gain it evenly all over your body, not just in the treated areas.

Are there restrictions on diet or exercise?

The best way to lose weight is diet and exercise, and CoolSculpting can help you target the areas that diet and exercise can’t reach. CoolSculpting is not an alternative to weight loss. Living healthy, getting exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet both before and after CoolSculpting is recommended.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

No, insurance will not cover the treatment, as it is a de-bulking cosmetic treatment.

Does Spectrum Dermatology have ALL the applicators?

Yes, because Spectrum Dermatology believes it is best to have all the right tools for the best results, we have ALL applicators available for the Coolsculpting technology:

  • Cool Mini for the chin and small areas
  • Cool Max, debulking for large areas on the abdomen
  • CoolSmooth Pro for outer thighs
  • Cool Fit for the arms and inner thighs
  • Cool Curve for the waist, bra bulges, love handles and the Cool Core for abdomen sculpting
Does Coolsculpting involve cutting, chemicals or injections?

No. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive technology that destroys fat without cutting the skin, adding chemicals or using injections of any kind.  By simply using cold temperature, we can destroy fat for good anywhere on the body or double chin.

Which is Better: CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

Studies have shown that the majority of people who have fat bulges would not consider surgery as an option. Because Fat Freeze with CoolSculpting is FDA approved, it’s seen as a viable alternative for the majority of people. Coolsculpting is typically best for patients who are seeking sustainable results and prefer a more natural solution to difficult fat bulges. The side effects of CoolSculpting are also negligible compared to alternatives such as liposuction.

What happens to the fat?

Just like any other dead cell in your body, the destroyed fat tissue is processed out naturally through digestion, metabolization, and the lymphatic drainage system.

How long do my CoolSculpting results last?

Once fat cells are targeted with CoolSculpting, they cannot grow back. However, it is important to understand that you can instead gain new fat cells with weight gain so it’s important to maintain your weight and reduce the chance of new fat cells forming so you can keep your results.

Will I have loose skin after I freeze my fat with CoolSculpting?

No! Loose skin will not be a new problem after the results from CoolSculpting have developed.

Can any fat be treated?

There are several forms of fat on the body.  The type of fat that can be treated with CoolSculpting is called subcutaneous fat.  This is fat that is directly below the skin, is very soft and “jiggly” and usually unresponsive to diet and exercise. The type of fat that CoolSculpting cannot treat is visceral fat, which is around the organs in the abdomen areas, as well as “brown fat” which is typically reduced with diet and exercise.

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