It’s July! Is it Too Late for CoolSculpting for a Summer Body?

CoolSculpting for a Summer Body? | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

It’s July! Is it Too Late for CoolSculpting for a Summer Body?

It’s true that it takes up to six months to see the full results of CoolSculpting, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see some results quickly. Spectrum Dermatology offers CoolSculpting because it’s a slow and effective way to contour the body via targeted fat loss for good—and you may see some results as quickly as three weeks after treatment. However, if you’re worried about getting swimsuit ready, don’t be. If you have a body (and a swimsuit!), you already have a swimsuit body.

CoolSculpting works best for those who are at or near goal weight but struggle with losing stubborn fat in certain areas. It is not a fat-loss procedure, although you certainly will lose a little fat in the CoolSculpted areas. Rather, this non-invasive treatment was created to help you with those last, lingering “trouble zones” such as love handles, minor muffin tops, and even fat below the chin that tends to be caused by genetics or aging.

You’ve probably been wearing your summer clothes for a while now, and maybe you’re wishing that you’d started CoolSculpting treatments earlier—or that they worked faster. However, there’s a good reason why CoolSculpting takes a few months to see full results. Fast, dramatic weight loss can leave skin loose or with a crepe-like appearance. It’s an unfortunate side effect of crash diets and weight loss surgery. Losing weight slowly means your skin has time to adjust and “snap back” for a smooth, taut appearance.

The sooner you start CoolSculpting, the sooner you’ll see results, but there’s a plus side to starting in the summer months. You’ll achieve peak CoolSculpting results right around the winter holidays so you can show off the slimmer, more svelte you at all of those parties and gatherings.

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July is a great month to start CoolSculpting because you’ll get the best of both worlds: Some results in the summer, and optimal results just in time to ring in the new year. To schedule your consultation, contact Spectrum Dermatology today.