CoolSculpting – The New Ladies Night Out Pick

CoolSculpting: The New Ladies Night Out Pick | Spectrum Dermatology

CoolSculpting – The New Ladies Night Out Pick

A local Cape Cod online magazine recently showcased a growing trend: Women are using CoolSculpting as a new favorite ladies-night-out destination. Just like a group yoga class or a trip to the nail salon, looking and feeling your best—along with some pampering—has long been a staple of ladies nights out. If you’re looking for something new and innovative to do with your friends, CoolSculpting is accessible, comfortable, and fast. A session lasts just 30 minutes, and many medispas are able to offer tandem appointments depending on areas targeted and applicators needed.

A single CoolSculpting session is just 30 minutes. The non-invasive procedure can help you and your friends target stubborn fat in a relaxing environment. Reputable clinics offer the latest CoolSculpting applicators and procedures, such as targeting under-the-chin fat and the armpits as well as larger areas like the flanks and abs.

Before organizing a ladies night out for CoolSculpting, it’s a good idea for everyone in the group to schedule a consultation. Although CoolSculpting is generally considered safe for most adults, some conditions are contraindicative to CoolSculpting results. Every person is unique, and every CoolSculpting experience is customized to maximize your goals.

Many CoolSculpting fans, including actor Kristin Davis, say they wish they’d tried CoolSculpting sooner. However, lack of information and persistent myths (like the false idea that CoolSculpting is a one-size-fits-all solution) can keep people from researching a procedure that might be just what they’re looking for. Trying out CoolSculpting with friends is a great way to get introduced to the procedure. Having your own support network in addition to the skilled support of a high-quality medispa can make your first experience even better.

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