CoolSculpting Tops the List of Most Popular Pre-Wedding Treatments

CoolSculpting Tops the List of Pre-Wedding Treatments | Spectrum Dermatology

CoolSculpting Tops the List of Most Popular Pre-Wedding Treatments recently conducted a visitor survey on most popular and most desirable pre-wedding treatments. CoolSculpting is one of the top three most in-demand treatments, and it’s a specialty of Spectrum Dermatology. According to summer brides (and an increasing number of grooms), wedding prep now includes some contouring and sculpting of the body to look fantastic on the big day.

CoolSculpting Can Help You Lose Those Last Few Pounds

It is not only brides and grooms flocking to the non-surgical option. A number of summer wedding guests also took the survey and listed CoolSculpting as one of their favorite esthetic treatments. The study was conducted from May 2017 – May 2018. established a number of keywords and phrases, such as “getting married” and “wedding” in order to scour reviews and tally up the most popular treatments.

Results were ranked by percentage of reviews per treatment. The very top spot was Invisalign with almost four percent reviewed in the year-long study that included wedding-related terms. Although the alternative to braces is very effective and nearly invisible, while also allowing wearers to remove them for photos and special events, it is not a speedy beauty treatment. Invisalign retainers are often worn for about the same length of time as traditional braces, with an average of 18 months.

CoolSculpting claimed the second spot with 1.3 percent of all mentions. One reviewer wrote: “I wanted to get rid of stubborn fat before my wedding…my stubborn fat around my mid-section is virtually gone. The procedure was painless! I saw results within 2 months! I highly recommend CoolSculpting!” CoolSculpting can take a few weeks to show results, with complete results at six months. However, many clients do notice and report results within days.

The third most popular treatment was Botox, also available at Spectrum Dermatology. It claimed a little under one percent of wedding-related reviews. Botox, much like CoolSculpting, can take a few weeks for results to show. For those interested in any of these procedures, a little planning is in order if you want the best results in time for a special event.

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