CoolSculpting’s Moose-Sized Prank

CoolSculpting’s Moose-Sized Prank | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

CoolSculpting’s Moose-Sized Prank

On April Fools’ Day of 2018, CoolSculpting took to the media to help create hype around the popular fat-freezing procedure while also kicking off their sweepstakes offering a free CoolSculpting treatment. The ZELTIQ company, which owns CoolSculpting, knows that prior to fat-freezing being available, people went to extremes to lose the last bit of fat. Just how far are people really willing to go?

ZELTIQ found out by releasing a “marketing campaign” offering a fat-reduction massage by a moose. It was linked to their #COOLnotcool campaign and the commercial aired on television. Simultaneously, a massive social media campaign was also released, but it was the 15-second commercial spot that really caught everyone’s attention. The so-called miracle “Northern Percussion Massage” promises that a 1,200-pound moose named Moosy Moelleux can use hooves to target the midsection and massage belly fat away.

CoolSculpting’s Moose Prank

Millions of people saw the commercial, social media promotions, and/or visited the website. Social media influencers also shared the campaign. However, once people followed the link, they were led to the #COOLnotcool campaign information site along with a link to enter the CoolSculpting treatment giveaway.

Unsurprisingly, there are still a lot of people who will go to great lengths to shape their body. Moose massage might not be real, but CoolSculpting is and it is much less invasive than a “hoof massage.” CoolSculpting can help a patient at a healthy weight target fat pockets to sculpt and contour their body into a more aesthetically pleasing shape. However, you can still watch the April Fools’ Day commercial on YouTube.

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