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Social media has been saturated with images of women shaving their faces, but what they are really after is Dermaplaning. Every woman has some amount of hair or “peach fuzz” on their face. These fine hairs might not be noticeable, but they can trap makeup, dirt, and debris. They make applying makeup, sunscreen, and other creams challenging. Waxing and threading can work to remove hairs, but these methods can be painful and lead to redness and swelling. With Dermaplane, you can experience complete facial hair removal with the bonus of a gentle exfoliation.

Only Dermaplane can make your face unbelievably smooth without the risk of redness and swelling associated with waxing. It is fast, very effective, and completely non-invasive. How does it differ from shaving at home? A skilled aesthetician uses a specialized surgical scalpel that has been sterilized for safety. But don’t let the word “surgical” keep you from experiencing the benefits of Dermaplane. There is no risk of cuts or shaving “too close” when handled by Spectrum Dermatology’s trained aestheticians.

Consultations for Dermaplane are complimentary. Learn more about what you can expect during this procedure when you schedule an appointment with a Spectrum Dermatology licensed aesthetician or nurse injector by calling (480) 948-8400.

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Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • By combining Dermaplane with other procedures, such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels, you can enhance total results
  • Eliminates the risk of facial hair trapping oil, dirt, and makeup
  • Apply makeup and lotions easier, smoother, and more effectively
  • Enjoy smoother, more supple skin with zero peach fuzz
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Minimizes the appearance of recent acne scarring
  • Removes hair and the top layer of skin, which leads to immediate results

Only Dermaplane combines the benefits of total facial hair removal with a gentle and effective exfoliation. The facial skin is gently shaved with a surgical scalpel to remove hair as well as the very top layer of dead skin. The procedure takes less than half an hour and maintenance appointments are recommended just once per month. Avoid the risks and side effects of aggressive waxing and the need to wait hair to regrow before going to a maintenance appointment.

Dermaplaning FAQs

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No, removing the hair via any method will not result in thicker hair regrowth. It’s a physiological impossibility, but a persistent myth. The body creates two types of hair: vellus and terminal hair. Vellus hair is what grows on women’s faces, limbs, and torso. It is, by nature, fine. It cannot and will not change structure. Terminal hair is coarse, and what can be found on the head, pubic region, and underarms. When cut or removed, terminal hair will also grow back in its natural state—coarse. However, when hair is cut, the tip become blunt instead of tapered. This is what can make some people think the hair itself has become coarser. Fortunately, Dermaplaning maintenance appointments can be scheduled whenever you like so you never have to be bothered by blunt tips or a re-growth period.

Why is dermaplaning ideal for someone with acne?

A hair removal procedure might not seem like an acne treatment, but it is because Dermaplane also removes the top layer of dead skin. Milder forms of acne occur in the top layers of skin, whereas more severe forms such as cysts form deep below the skin’s surface. However, all forms of acne can lead to scarring on the top layers. Removing the layer that is developing a scar can drastically reduce or eliminate the risk of a lasting scar. Plus, excessive oil created by sebaceous glands is excreted by way of vellus hair. Without vellus hair, the excessive oil cannot spread bacteria as easily.

Will I peel after dermaplaning?

Peeling can occur if you try a DIY Dermaplaning session with an at-home razor. However, peeling will not occur when Dermaplaning is performed by a licensed aesthetician or nurse. It is an extremely safe procedure that produces phenomenal results. However, in very rare cases, light peeling may occur for those with highly sensitive skin. Talking to your aesthetician during a complimentary consultation can help you understand your personal goals and risk factors. One common cause of peeling is excessive Dermaplaning, which is why a skilled aesthetician will usually only schedule sessions every three to four weeks. Two-week intervals do not allow the hair growth cycle to be complete. Not only is it an unnecessary treatment, but it can cause peeling due to skin irritation.

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Curious if Dermaplaning is right for you? Almost every woman, or man with very light facial hair, will benefit from Dermaplaning sessions. Get softer, smoother, and younger-looking skin with non-invasive and enjoyable treatment. Spectrum Dermatology offers this treatment only from highly trained aestheticians and injector nurses. Discover more about the many cosmetic dermatology services available, including Dermaplaning, by contacting Spectrum Dermatology at (480) 948-8400.