Why Don’t All Dermatologists Offer Mohs Surgery?

Why Don’t All Dermatologists Offer Mohs Surgery | Spectrum Dermatology

Why Don’t All Dermatologists Offer Mohs Surgery?

In recent years, Mohs Micrographic Surgery (commonly known as Mohs Surgery) has quickly become the dermatologists’ preferred method of skin cancer screening and removal. It is much more effective, and the patient only requires one visit instead of several. Why don’t all dermatologists offer this procedure, which is a specialty at Spectrum Dermatology? In most cases, it is due to the high costs incurred by the dermatology office.

Skin Cancer Removal Before Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a type of micrographic surgery. When a mole needs to be biopsied, or has already been determined to be “pre-cancerous” or cancerous, it is critical that all of the damaged skin in the area is removed. Traditionally, this was achieved by a dermatologist removing a relatively large area of skin. That sample was then sent to an off-site lab for testing. If all of the borders were “clear” of dangerous cells, the procedure was complete. However, the patient was often left with a scar bigger than what was necessary. The dermatologist had to be aggressive with the area removed in order to remove all of the dangerous cells and avoid multiple appointments for the patient.

If the borders weren’t all clear, the patient had to return for another surgical removal. This led to higher costs for the patient, longer recovery time, and larger scars. Mohs surgery removes all of these frustrating details.

What is Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery requires the dermatologist to remove a small area of skin in order to minimize scarring. That sample is then tested by an on-site lab, which checks for an “all clear border.” This testing only takes a few minutes since the lab is in the same facility. The medical team is immediately aware of whether any additional dangerous cells may be present. Additional small surgical removals take place within the same appointment until an “all clear” is given by the lab. These microsurgeries are small, painless, and ensure any final scarring is minimal.

Patients can often enjoy lower costs because Mohs surgery requires only one appointment. However, it can be a challenge to find a dermatologist with the equipment necessary for such a surgery. Spectrum Dermatology is one of the few nearby dermatology offices that offer this procedure, and patients can make an appointment online today.