Not every dermatology clinic has an on-site “Dermpath” lab. Dermatopathology is the combination of dermatology and pathology, which allows for the study of skin-based disease at a microscopic and molecular level. If you’ve ever had a dermatology clinic “send your samples to the lab,” they don’t have a pathology lab on-site. This can lead to extra costs (it can be expensive to outsource a lab), additional appointments, and, of course, a longer wait period. When waiting for results for things such as biopsies for potential skin cancer, patients need and deserve immediate results.

In many cases, dermatologists can diagnose skin disease on site. They are exceptionally well-trained to do so based on skin appearance, behavior, and the anatomic presentation of the skin. However, this is not always possible. For example, the only way to diagnose skin cancer is with a skin biopsy. Biopsies are studied under a microscopic, and sometimes require molecular testing for a diagnosis. Diagnosis is required for both treatment and insurance coverage. There are a variety of testing options within the dermatopathology scope, including immunofluorescence and immunohistochemistry, which are both available at Spectrum Dermatology.

There are over 1,500 skin disorders ranging from rashes to cancers. Not all dermatologists or dermatology clinics have the capacity to also act as a dermatopathologist. A dermatopathologist undergoes additional training beyond qualifications for becoming a dermatologist, and they have a strong background in pathology.

Spectrum Dermatology Division of Dermatopathology is dedicated to providing unsurpassed dermatopathology services to our patients thanks to our renowned dermatopathologist, Dr. Brendan O’Neill, and his state of the art laboratories and exceptional personalized services.

Spectrum Dermatopathology Dermatopathology Lab

At Spectrum Dermatology, dermatopathologist Dr. Brendan O’Neill is on-site to offer immediate pathology reports—and exceptional client services. Our Dermatopathology Lab is committed to providing the best possible services to every patient. Why wait to get your results from a lab that could be hundreds of miles away? Why choose a dermatology office where you can’t meet the dermatopathologist interpreting your results in person? Dr. O’Neill guarantees results in 28-72 hours, so clients can always count on fast and accurate communication with Spectrum Dermatology’s entire team of board-certified professionals.

What our Dermpath Lab Does:

  • Clinical discourse on the most challenging cases
  • Comprehensive managed care
  • Direct immunofluorescence testing communication along with interpretation in laymen’s terms for patients
  • Ensures the highest quality immunofluorescence services and customized dermatopathology interpretations
  • Full mycology data analytics via PAS stains using nail plates or scrapings
  • Genetic testing for melanoma risk, the deadliest form of any skin cancer
  • Offers a holistic immunohistochemistry menu for all cases
  • Preparation of tech slides
  • Promises accurate and precise reporting complete with histology
  • Specializes in “frozen sections”
  • The fastest turnaround for urgent and emergency cases
Dermatopathology Lab | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Immunofluorescence Testing

Immunofluorescence uses light microscopy via a fluorescence microscope to examine microbiological tissue samples. It is one of the most effective tools in dermatopathology. This technique ensures accurate diagnoses for both autoimmune and inflammatory skin diseases. Immunofluorescence testing is vital in diagnosing a variety of immunological disorders, which leads to the best in patient care and treatment. It can be used to diagnose cutaneous vasculitis, connective tissue diseases, and certain blistering diseases.

At Spectrum Dermatology, we are dedicated to providing every patient with the best in patient care. This includes fast, accurate, and on-site diagnoses. By having both dermatologists and a dermatopathologist on-site, patients can enjoy peace of mind knowing they will have answers as quickly as possible. Integrating the latest technologies and diagnostic procedures should be a part of any reputable dermatology clinic.

Spectrum Dermatology Dermpath Lab

When facing a possible skin disorder or disease, the wait and worry can be the most stressful part. Trust Spectrum Dermatology for the best care, one of the few clinics in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area with a Dermpath Lab. Call (480) 948-8400 to schedule your appointment today.