Spectrum Dermatology Division of Dermatopathology is dedicated to providing unsurpassed dermatopathology services to our patients, with our renowned dermatopathologist, Dr. Brendan O’Neill, state of the art laboratories and exceptional personalized services.

Spectrum Dermatopathology Dermatopathology Lab

Our Dermatopathology Lab is led by the expertise of board certified dermatopathologist and dermatologist Dr. Brendan O’Neill. With a 48-72 hour turn around time, you can expect direct communication with our team of experts with accurate, concise reporting.

What our Dermpath Lab Does:

  • Provides high quality, customized dermatopathology, and immunofluorescence services
  • Clinical discussions on difficult cases
  • Accurate, concise reporting with histology correlation
  • Evaluation of margins on request
  • Comprehensive immunohistochemistry menu for complex
  • Direct and interpretation of indirect immunofluorescence
  • Mycology analysis by PAS stains of nail plate or scrapings
  • Technical slide preparation
  • Frozen sections
  • Rapid permanent sections on emergency cases
  • Genetic Testing for Melanoma risk assessment
  • Extensive managed care coverage

Immunofluorescence Testing

Accurate and definite diagnosis and classification of autoimmune and inflammatory skin diseases with Immunofluorescence testing service. Dermatopathology and Immunofluorescence studies are crucial for the diagnosis and classification of immunologic disorders, allowing optimal patient care. Immunofluorescence studies play an important ancillary role in the diagnosis of immunologic disorders such as:

  • Cutaneous vasculitis
  • Connective tissue diseases (Cutaneous lupus erythematosus)
  • Blistering diseases (Pemphigus vulgaris)
Dermatopathology Lab | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

As your physician, we are committed to your care by providing support and diagnostic information quickly and accurately. Our dermatopathologist and dermatologists are members of the local medical communities we serve.

Spectrum Dermatology’s personalized approach means you experience the highest quality, customized, dermatopathology services available, in your local medical community. Our expertise in integrating relevant technologies means you and your patient always have access to the latest technologies (i.e. IHC, genetic testing, etc) to provide us the diagnostic/prognostic information we need to provide the best possible outcome for our patients.

Spectrum Dermatology Dermpath Lab

Spectrum Dermatology provides expertise, knowledge, and passion to medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. Our experience and reputation make Spectrum Dermatology one of the most sought-after dermatologist in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area. For more information or to set up an appointment please contact us at (480) 948-8400.