Do You Have Rosacea and Not Know It?

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Do You Have Rosacea and Not Know It?

If you don’t get the right diagnosis, you could be trying to treat the wrong skin condition for years. That’s one of the most important reasons to trust Spectrum Dermatology with all of your skincare needs, from acne to rosacea. There is no cure for rosacea, but there are methods to treat it—but not if you’ve been diagnosed with an entirely different condition.

Rosacea could be misdiagnosed

That’s what happened to a 25-year-old woman whose story was recently featured in Refinery 29. Thatiana Diaz describes how she had occasional acne as a teen, but it got vicious when she turned 23 and persisted throughout her 20s. She tried over the counter medications, and when she finally visited a dermatologist, she was told that the stress of a new job was likely aggravating her acne. Diaz was prescribed a topical cream and medicated face wash. One week later, part of the breakouts went away but the redness and bumps persisted. Two weeks later, they started to get worse.

Diaz tried everything she could think of for a year, from yoga to constantly changing her bedsheets and pillowcases. However, it wasn’t until a friend mentioned struggles with rosacea that Diaz realized she might not have acne after all. She returned to the same dermatologist, and this time he correctly diagnosed her with rosacea. This happens more often than a lot of people think, and Diaz’s story is a reminder of why it’s so important to work towards finding a solution with a trusted provider like your rosacea Scottsdale expert.

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Most people have had acne, so it’s familiar. Not as many people have rosacea, although it’s also a common condition. Treatment for the two is very different, and misdiagnosis can leave you doing more harm than good. Using acne medication for rosacea can aggravate the skin, leading to additional problems. If you have any type of skin issue or concern, call Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 to schedule a consultation.