Don’t Forget the Sunscreen on Your Holiday Getaway

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen on Your Vacation | Spectrum Dermatology

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen on Your Holiday Getaway

In Arizona, it’s sunny year-round, and many residents have established a solid sunscreen routine. However, during the holiday season, the team at Spectrum Dermatology knows that packing (and regularly re-applying!) sunscreen on a tropical getaway isn’t always a top priority. Whether you’re planning to spend the holidays in an exotic location or you’re staying close to home, here are a few reminders about sun damage protection this time of year:

Sunscreen Tips For Winter Months

1. Check the expiration date. Sunscreen has an expiration date for a reason. Its protective factor lessens with age, and the sunscreen from last summer might no longer be effective. Make sure your sunscreen offers you all of the safeguarding you deserve.

2. Cover up. Contrary to popular belief, wearing less doesn’t necessarily mean staying cooler. Not only does bare skin mean a higher chance of sun damage, but it can also make you feel hotter. Take a cue from locations even hotter than Arizona (like the Middle East) and opt for loose, light-fitting clothing instead. It’s an added barrier to be used in conjunction with sunscreen.

3. Check your sunscreen before heading to Hawaii. Hawaii recently passed a ban on certain types of sunscreen with ingredients that are harmful to ocean life and the environment. However, there are a number of sunscreens that are allowed on the islands. Avoid sunscreens with oxybenzone and octinoxate, which kills reefs. This is a kind move if you plan to be in the ocean even in locations where these sunscreens aren’t banned.

4. Re-apply every two hours. A lot of people do a great job of putting on sunscreen when leaving the house, but forget about re-applying. Sunscreen is only totally effective for the first two hours. If you don’t re-apply, you’re putting yourself at risk of a burn and sun damage.

5. Apply sunscreen even if you’re indoors (sometimes). Windows don’t come with an SPF barrier. If you are exposed to the sun, even when you’re indoors or in a car, you need sunscreen.

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No matter where your holidays travels take you, stay safe and keep your sunscreen nearby. December is also a great month to schedule your annual skin check at Spectrum Dermatology, so book online today.