Double Chin on List of “What Makes You Look Oldest”

Double Chin on List of “What Makes You Look Oldest” | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Double Chin on List of “What Makes You Look Oldest”

The Prevention website just released a list of the top eight issues that make you look oldest, and the dreaded double chin is one of them. Spectrum Dermatology offers Kybella, a minimally invasive procedure to remove pockets of fat from this area for good while simultaneously tightening the skin. It’s one of the quickest and most effective ways to not only make you look younger by sharpening your profile, but also to make you look instantly more slender.

Not everyone with a double chin is overweight. In fact, “collecting” fat in this area is simply common due to genetics and aging. As we get older, fat tends to collect more regularly in this area, but there’s also less collagen in the skin to keep it firm. Simultaneously, our neck muscles also weaken and they drag the chin skin down with it. That’s why it’s rare to see an elderly person without at least a mini double chin. Fortunately, Kybella can help.

Exercise and a good diet are foundational in maintaining your health, but these standards are rarely enough to fight back against the double chin. There’s also a neck lift and liposuction, but both of these surgical options come with ample downtime and the side effects of surgery. However, Kybella works by injecting enzymes into the area to dissolve fat. It’s a fantastic alternative to surgery that offers similar dramatic results. Most clients require between two and four treatments for optimal results.

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Curious about what else made the list? Heavy eyelids, age spots, crepey skin, an uneven complexion, dark circles under the eyes, and a hollowed face also top the charts, but don’t worry. Spectrum Dermatology offers a variety of treatment options for each of these concerns, from dermal fillers to laser skin therapy. However, for many clients, fixing that double chin is often the top priority. Start your journey towards regaining that smooth, taut chin today by calling Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 for your Kybella consultation.