Eczema Treatments That Work for All Ages Perspective

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Eczema Treatments That Work for All Ages Perspective

Eczema is a common skin problem that brings patients in for medical dermatology in Scottsdale.

While eczema is a common childhood problem, it can be a lifelong issue, or can reveal itself as a problem in adult patients who never had to deal with eczema as a child.

As a skin condition, eczema affects people of all ages, and so professionals working in skin care in Scottsdale must be well-versed in eczema treatments that are effective across the board.

How can you know if you have eczema, and whether you should seek medical dermatology in Scottsdale?

If you notice itchy, dry patches of skin that leads to sensitivity and sometimes infection, you are likely dealing with eczema and should get help with your skin care in a Scottsdale dermatology clinic.

Eczema is not necessarily something that you can get rid of, even with medical dermatology in Scottsdale. For many people, young or elderly, eczema is a chronic condition. This means that your dermatology team will likely start treatment by helping you determine what environmental or lifestyle factors may be exacerbating your condition. Eczema skin care in Scottsdale should have an educational component, so you can learn to avoid worsening your condition by using improper products or failing to treat sensitive skin effectively.

Beyond that, medical dermatology for eczema patients is a very personal process. Treatment options depend on the severity of your skin condition, so your dermatologist should work with you to ascertain what will be the best route.

For many people, young and old, topical medications and steroids work well to combat eczema and its symptoms. These medications will reduce inflammation and promote healing so your skin can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Antihistamines taken orally can reduce itching and antibiotics are effective for flushing out infection if it is an issue.

If your eczema is particularly stubborn or painful, your dermatologist may include light therapy as part of your skin care in Scottsdale. Phototherapy can help with itching and will promote healing, with antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Some people need stronger treatments like immunosuppressants, to give skin a strong chance at healing. These medications are often considered a last step if nothing else has worked, so be sure to talk to your dermatologist before making any decisions about treatment. To book an appointment with Spectrum Dermatology at one of our four valley-wide locations contact us today.