Research Says Face Yoga Can Help Botox Work Faster

Research Says Face Yoga Can Help Botox | Spectrum Dermatology

Research Says Face Yoga Can Help Botox Work Faster

Contrary to what movies would have you believe, Botox doesn’t work instantaneously. If you want your Botox to work faster, Spectrum Dermatology recommends taking a look at the latest research linking “making a face” to speedier Botox results. Researchers at Northwestern University (Chicago) found that facial exercises including raising the brows and scowling can yield much speedier Botox results. It’s a great, safe trick to get you holiday-ready fast.

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According to lead researcher, Dr. Murad Alam, “Patients often leave getting their Botox to the last minute. If people get (Botox) right before a social engagement or important work event, they may worry it won’t start working in time.” Dr. Alam studied 22 women who wanted to treat their forehead wrinkles with Botox. Half practiced facial exercises four hours post-treatment, and half did not.

These workouts included three sets and 40 repetitions of brow-raising and scowling, with ten-minute rests between each set. Six months later, the experiment was repeated. However, the two groups of women reversed their post-Botox regimen. The wrinkles were lessened in just two or three days after facial exercises. However, the group that didn’t try facial yoga didn’t start to see results until three or four days after Botox injections.

Dr. Alam explains, “Botox binds to receptors on nerve cells to relax muscles, and it is possible that exercise speeds this binding process. For patients who need quick results, the exercise may be worth the effort. Patients appreciate having more control over their care.” These exercises did not ultimately make the results better. Two weeks after treatment, the two groups had similar results. However, the exercises do seem to make the results show up faster.

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Keep in mind that it’s critical to wait four hours post-injection to try facial exercises. Clients should also abide by guidelines provided by their dermatologist. Talk to your dermatologist about facial exercises before trying this approach, as it might not be suitable for everyone. To schedule your Botox injections and find out more about facial exercises, call Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400.