Microneedling is a Favorite Treatment for Julianne Moore

Microneedling is a Favorite Treatment | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Microneedling is a Favorite Treatment for Julianne Moore

Microneedling is a favorite treatment for many patients, including actress Julianne Moore. At Spectrum Dermatology, microneedling is paired with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections to optimize the results. Both procedures are relatively non-invasive and rely on the body’s own healing powers to produce gorgeous skin that looks healthy, younger, and dewier while treating scars and dullness.

The Benefits of Microneedling

For Moore, she calls her facial rejuvenation regimen a “bespoke process.” She works with a dermatologist who customizes her treatments and combines the best possible procedure specifically for her skin and goals. Microneedling tops Moore’s list, and considering both microneedling and PRP require no recovery time, they are the perfect treatments for those with a busy schedule.

Microneedling uses a medical-grade hand tool that creates tiny injuries in the skin. The very small needles do not hurt or cause any visible injuries. However, the injuries are happening, but to such a small degree that they aren’t noticeable. The body responds by producing more collagen and beginning the healing process. Everyone produces less collagen with age, and collagen is the body’s natural secret ingredient to youthful skin.

The full results of microneedling take place days and weeks following the procedure. However, many clients–including Moore–use microneedling often to ensure that results are sustained.

PRP requires a small vial of blood to be drawn from the client. The platelets and growth factors are then separated from the blood in a centrifuge. Only the richest platelets are kept, and they are then injected directly into the treatment site. PRP injections further encourage the body to produce collagen and heal at the desired site. Just like microneedling, the full results happen after the procedure. Also, since such a small vial of blood is required for PRP, this treatment can be practiced on a regular basis.

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If you’re interested in procedures which are completely natural and produce amazing results, microneedling and PRP might be for you. To learn more, schedule your appointment with Spectrum Dermatology by calling 480-948-8400.