Feminine Rejuvenation for Esthetic and Medical Concerns

Feminine Rejuvenation: For Esthetics & Medically | Spectrum Dermatology

Feminine Rejuvenation for Esthetic and Medical Concerns

Feminine rejuvenation encompasses a wide range of procedures and can be both aesthetic and medical. The medical issues treatable with feminine rejuvenation include stress incontinence and skin laxity that leads to an uncomfortable sex life. Incontinence is a very common issue for women, especially postpartum. It can also be seen as embarrassing with, traditionally, no real solution beyond kegels (which are only effective for a percentage of women).

Feminine rejuvenation can tighten the vaginal walls, help restore integrity, and ultimately reduce or eliminate incontinence. Simultaneously, it can restore the vaginal skin and labial skin to such a degree that sex can become enjoyable once again. Treating the incontinence and skin laxity issues that are typical postpartum is a key facet in a healthy, happy life.

Incontinence can cause not just embarrassing situations, but also a lack of self-confidence. Some women go to great measures to avoid sneezing, running, or other physical activities that might trigger incontinence. Women might wear panty-liners on a daily basis in case of leakage. However, with feminine rejuvenation, the root of incontinence can be quickly and comfortably treated.

Many issues might cause sex to be uncomfortable, less enjoyable, or even painful. Skin laxity is one of them, as is a lack of natural lubricants due to age or childbearing. Feminine rejuvenation helps to restore the vaginal walls for a more pleasurable intimate experience.

Perhaps feminine rejuvenation is best known for its aesthetic possibilities. Increasing self-confidence in the bedroom or when wearing tight-fitting clothing is an important tool in a woman’s self-care kit. Re-shaping of the outer labia can help increase esthetics as well as comfort and self-esteem. It can help a patient feel more confident in certain clothes as well as with their romantic partners.

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