Fighting Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

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Fighting Under Eye Bags and Dark Circles

A common question of woman in regards to beauty is what can be done non surgically to improve the look of under eye bags and discoloration. The answer to these questions depend on the cause of the bags and/or discoloration.

Many times allergies are the culprit when dark circles are the issue. Treating allergies, cold compresses and tannic acid in cold tea bags can constrict the blood vessels and lighten the skin tone. This treatments can help if the cause is actually allergens.

If the cause of the eye bags and discoloration is causing by the skin thinning (which happens as we age) which tends to have a more reddish/ purple type look, then applying retinoids may prove to be helpful.

Bags under the eyes created by extra fat deposits are most effectively treated through a surgical procedure called, Blepharoplasty, which actually removes the extra fat pockets.

If the circles and eye bags are due to having too little fat, which also commonly occurs with age as we begin to lose volume, they can be readily addressed with dermal or facial fillers such as Juvederm, Sculptra, or Radiesse. A quick and minimally painless procedure which will last for about a year.

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Depending on the cause of your circles or eye bags there are various treatments to help. Contact the team of board certified dermatologists today to learn how we can help through a variety of treatment plans including allergies and dermal fillers. We welcome patients from Scottsdale and greater Phoenix, Arizona.