Financing Options


Although aesthetic procedures are almost never covered by insurance providers, there are many ways to plan for these treatments. Start by working with a reputable dermatology clinic that offers only the best and most effective treatments. Spectrum Dermatology works with clients to help them achieve their goals, from financial planning to after-care.

Many cosmetic dermatology clients use CareCredit to finance their procedures. This is a credit card exclusively for medical and cosmetic procedures. It is easy to apply and accepted by most major clinics. Spectrum Dermatology happily accepts CareCredit, along with a range of credit cards.

Financing Your Surgical and Cosmetic Treatments

There are also a range of cosmetic procedures at Spectrum Dermatology to help you achieve your skin goals on a budget. For example, chemical peels can be a fantastic alternative to laser skin therapy. Although more aggressive procedures do mean faster and more dramatic results, gentler procedures are often more affordable and will visibly improve skin tone, texture, and clarity. These procedures can also be a great foundation for skin that is younger-looking and healthier for life.

Your skin is the largest organ you have, and often the most vulnerable to damage. Take care of it. Many people do not see a dermatologist until a disorder or worry, such as skin cancer or painful acne, drives them to schedule an appointment. However, proper skin care should include annual skin care checks. These “mole checks” are often covered by insurance and is the best way to catch skin cancer early.

There are several skin care treatments that may be covered by insurance providers, sometimes including acne treatments. Complimentary consultations are provided for many treatments at Spectrum Dermatology. This is your chance to not only learn more about procedures and treatment plans, but also find out more about financial planning for treatments and insurance coverage.

The skin can be vulnerable to a range of disease and disorders, including the deadliest form of skin cancer—melanoma. Regularly scheduling checkups with your dermatologist is the best way to keep skin healthy. This is particularly true for those who live in sunny regions like Arizona, where sun damage is highly prevalent.

You might be surprised by what your insurance provider covers at Spectrum Dermatology, and pleasantly pleased by how simple it can be to finance cosmetic procedures.

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