Happy 10th Birthday to CoolSculpting

Happy 10th Birthday to CoolSculpting | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Happy 10th Birthday to CoolSculpting

Happy birthday to CoolSculpting from Spectrum Dermatology! The revolutionary fat-freezing procedure was invented by ZELTIQ Aesthetics in 2007. The company is based in Pleasanton, California and created “cryolipolysis” as a non-invasive procedure to help those at their goal weight sculpt their body and hone it to an ideal aesthetic. CoolSculpting remains the sole product of ZELTIQ, and CoolSculpting is also the primary cryolipolysis device on the market. ZELTIQ was founded in 2005 and raised $75 million in funding before it went public in 2011.

The Food and Drug Administration approved CoolSculpting in 2010 for the sides (flanks), for the stomach in 2012, and thighs in 2014. The company’s founder, Mitch Levinson, originally created ZELTIQ as Juniper Medical Systems in 2005. In its early years, it focused on becoming a wireless technology company with a healthcare focus. However, the name and focus changed in 2007 when the company’s inventor Dieter Manstein along with Rox Anderson from Harvard Medical School created the first prototype of CoolSculpting. At the time, there were a number of cryolipolysis studies being conducted. By the end of 2008, clinical trials had started and ZELTIQ re-branded while gearing up to commercialize the cutting-edge technology.

Real Cool – The Many Uses of CoolSculpting

In 2009, the FDA had already approved the product for cooling skin prior to dermatological procedures, but using it to kill fat cells was something new—or so it seemed. Already, some doctors were utilizing the technology as an off-label “body-sculpting” procedure. By the end of 2010, CoolSculpting as a body-sculpting option was approved in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. However, CoolSculpting didn’t really take off in the US until 2011. One year later, over 150,000 CoolSculpting treatments had been completed in the US.

ZELTIQ offered a new CoolSculpting approach in 2014 for the thighs that didn’t require a suction cup. CoolSculpting works by exposing fat cells to extreme colds, which kick-starts an inflammatory response and slowly kills fat cells. The fat is them consumed by macrophages, which doesn’t harm any other tissue in the body.

Just this year, ZELTIQ was purchased by Allergan for $2.48 billion. What’s in store for CoolSculpting in the next ten years? Contact Spectrum Dermatology today and schedule your free consultation.