I Have a Lesion, Now What?

I Have a Lesion, Now What? | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

I Have a Lesion, Now What?

If a friend or doctor have told you that you have a lesion on your skin, you might start to worry. However, Spectrum Dermatology regularly removes these unsightly areas, and there’s no need for panic. A skin lesion can be any type of discolored area, bump, or lump on the skin. Some of the most common lesions are moles and skin tags. The name “lesion” can sound more serious than it is, but it is worth checking out.

While the majority of moles and other oddities on the skin are harmless, in some cases they can be signs of something more serious. An irregular mole can sometimes be a sign of skin cancer, but only a dermatologist can biopsy and diagnose skin cancer. Legally, all moles need to be biopsied if a dermatologist removes them. It’s for the safety of the patient as well as peace of mind. (The good news? Biopsies are often covered by insurance, so some patients ask about mole removals for esthetic purposes but may have insurance cover the procedure.)

Skin tags are completely harmless but can be disconcerting if one suddenly appears. These strange growths simply happen and are sometimes caused by the friction of skin rubbing against itself. Discolorations might be caused by sun damage, old acne scars, or maybe the faint beginnings of “liver spots.”

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Even though most skin lesions aren’t dangerous, they can be distracting and lower self-esteem. There are many ways to remove them, including laser skin resurfacing. With over 20 lasers on-site, your dermatologist will choose the perfect solution for your skin and goals. Clearer skin looks younger, healthier, and you’ll be eager to show it off. If skin lesions have been troubling you, don’t wait any longer. Connect with Spectrum Dermatology today and schedule your consultation to get one step closer to more beautiful skin.