Help for Thinning Hair

Help for Thinning Hair | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Help for Thinning Hair

Whether you’re a man or woman, thinning hair can dramatically reduce your self-esteem. Spectrum Dermatology offers a wide range of products and treatments that can help encourage new hair growth and prevent further thinning. A lot of people think there are only a few options for thinning hair. However, hair transplants are not realistic or appealing to a lot of people. This invasive surgical procedure transplants patches of scalp/skin from one part of the head to the thinning area. It’s effective, but there are also surgical risks involved, a lot of expenses, and a very long recovery time (particularly for those who want long hair and require a long growing period).

Fortunately, there are other options. One is Nutrafol, a special topical treatment that encourages hair growth through special ingredients that are natural and safe for the body. If you’ve considered products like Rogaine before but were rightfully turned off by their warnings against use by pregnant mothers, Nutrafol might be for you. Even if you’re not a woman, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, it’s worrisome that a product applied to the skin is unsafe for expectant mothers. Nutrafol offers similar benefits as Rogaine, but without that worry and risk.

Another option is microneedling. You may have heard about microneedling for the face, or maybe even tried it yourself; however, microneedling also works with hair roots in the same way. It encourages production and hair growth by kickstarting the healing process. Everyone has an average number of hairs per follicle. Those with thicker hair simply have more per follicle. A follicle is still “alive” as long as it’s producing at least one hair per follicle. These follicles can be revived with treatments like microneedling. However, once a follicle is “dead” and produces no hairs, it is not as easy to treat.

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