Hikers And Golfers – Focusing On Skincare And Sunscreen

Hikers and Golfers Sun Protection | Ask Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Hikers And Golfers – Focusing On Skincare And Sunscreen

Yes, summer has arrived, and it’s time to start focusing on sunscreen and skin care protection. We all enjoy getting outdoors and getting into our golfing and hiking routines, but don’t forget that the blazing summer sun can cause havoc to your skin.

Know About Sunscreen / Skin Care Protection

Virtually every dermatologist will recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or higher, and 50 or higher if you’re going to spend most of the day in the sun. You should also look for a sunscreen with The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation. Upon seeing this seal, you can rest assured that proper testing and analysis has been done.

Another important thing to remember is to apply it to any skin that’s exposed to the sun (including your scalp and the back of your hands) and reapply every two hours.

UVA rays penetrate deeply into the skin, and can actually even affect your immune system. UVB rays are the rays that cause sunburn. Consequently, it is essential to find a sunscreen that protects against both types of rays to fully protect against skin damage.

Protective Clothing That Provides Sun Protection

It is always tempting to wear short-sleeved shirts and short pants as you golf and hike, but let’s face facts – you’ll be exposing too much skin to the sun. Wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants is the better and safer option. Like sunscreen, there are many sun-protective types of clothing out there, including SanSoleil, which is made of ultra-light cotton fabric and offers UV 50 protection, and Solumbra, which offers 100+ SPF. And, don’t forget – always wear a hat. A wide-brimmed variety, or typical style of golf hat, provides essential sun protection and will aid in skin care protection.

Seek Skin Care, Sunscreen, and Skin Cancer Protection at Spectrum Dermatology

Spectrum Dermatology can provide you with amazing options for your skin care and sun protection needs. Do not let the summer sun destroy your skin, age you before your time and make you a sitting duck for potential skin cancer. Call Spectrum today at (480) 948- 8400 or come into our office to be introduced to our amazing sunscreen options.