How Cool Is CoolSculpting?

How Cool Is CoolSculpting? Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale, AZ

How Cool Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. There are no needles, no surgical incisions, no anesthesia, no pain medications, and no recovery time. During the procedure, a non-invasive applicator is applied to the surface of the skin to deliver precisely controlled cooling, which targets and eliminates fat cells in specific areas of the body. The procedure has FDA approval for the non-surgical reduction of fat in the following areas:

  • abdomen (belly fat)
  • flanks (love handles)
  • inner and outer thighs
  • knees
  • chin (i.e., double chin)
  • back
  • bra bulge
  • under buttocks (aka, “banana roll”)


As the fat cells are exposed to cooling, the process of natural cell removal occurs. The fat cells in the treated area are gradually eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic processes, similar to how fat from food is eliminated. The result is a reduction in fat bulges that is visible in most patients as early as three weeks to three months after treatment.

Expectations – What Results Can I Expect?

CoolSculpting has been clinically shown to reduce fat in the treated area.  The CoolSculpting procedure can reduce the fat layer by an average of 22% with a single treatment. After the initial treatment is complete, further reductions can be obtained with additional treatments if desired. Of course, individual reductions may be more or less, depending on the particular case.

Spectrum Dermatology professionals will develop a treatment plan during your consultation that is customized to optimize your results. This comprehensive plan may involve multiple treatments, depending on the specific areas of concern.  Additional applicators are available to treat specialized areas of the body including smaller, narrow areas; inner thighs and arms; and even chin.

Am I A Candidate For CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is ideal for men or women with pinchable fat and have a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is ideal for those people who have a noticeable bulge or bump that has not responded to healthy diet and exercise but do not need or want to undergo liposuction surgery.

Should you be considering CoolSculpting as an option for you, the trained and experienced professionals at Spectrum Dermatology can give you the facts and determine if this procedure is right for you and what you want to achieve.

To find out more about CoolSculpting and to arrange your private complimentary consultation, call Spectrum Dermatology at (480) 948-8400.