Hyperhidrosis / Excessive Sweating


How much sweat is too much? Sweating is a natural part of life, and at the right levels it helps a person regulate their temperature. But hyperhidrosis—excessive sweating—can cause embarrassment, odor, and underarm stains. It can even affect a person’s self-esteem and hinder their social life. About 37 million people suffer from excessive underarm sweating. Fortunately, help is available.

Treatment For Hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating is defined as abnormal sweating that’s not a part of heat nor exercise. The first step is to determine the cause of excessive sweating and address underlying medical issues if present. If there is no apparent cause, then the treatment focuses on reducing the amount of perspiration. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available from prescription antiperspirants to miraDry – a microwave therapy that destroys sweat glands.

What Is miraDry

MiraDry is an FDA-cleared, clinically proven treatment to permanently control underarm sweat, odor, and hair. The innovative miraWave technology works by providing microwave energy that enters the dermal-fat interface. This is where skin meets fat in the underarm and the source of excess sweat and odor.

When hair follicles, sweat glands, and odor glands are destroyed, you can experience fresh, dry underarms permanently. The procedure is quick and comfortable. A certified professional uses a small hand tool with a cooling plate to target the hyperhidrosis area. This area, the axilla, is where the sweat (eccrine) and odor (apocrine) glands are located. Hair follicles are found at various depths throughout the dermal-fat area.

Using just the right temperature, targeted glands and follicles are expertly destroyed with consistent energy. The right placement and temperature means just the right results. It doesn’t matter what your hair color, skin color, or skin thickness is because everyone’s sweat and odor glands are located at that dermal-fat interface, which is easy to target with miraDry. During the procedure, a hydroceramic cooling feature keeps the surface of the skin safe.

Clients report seeing immediate results after just one treatment, although you may prefer additional treatments for maximum results.

As an alternative to miraDry, your provider may prescribe medications such as a deodorant with aluminum chloride that can help fight excessive sweating. miraDry is a permanent treatment that takes 1-2 sessions to be highly effective.

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Stop Excessive Sweating with miraDry

Who Benefits from MiraDry?

Even though millions of men and women struggle with excessive sweat, many don’t realize that a permanent solution is available. miraDry has received a 90% “worth-it” rating on Real Self because of its lasting treatment designed exclusively for the underarms. It’s the only FDA-cleared treatment for this common concern.

MiraDry is more effective than deodorant and antiperspirant, offers longer lasting results than toxins like Botox, and as a non-invasive procedure, it’s much safer than surgery. There is no downtime, and one simple office visit. miraDry can remove light hairs, with an average hair reduction of 70 percent. Those with fair underarm hair enjoy the best results.

Studies have found that miraDry offers an 82% reduction in sweat* one year after treatment. Two years after the procedure, 100% of patients in one study reported that they were no longer bothered by sweat, while 89% said they were no longer bothered by underarm odor. Long-term studies reveal that even patients with dark underarm hair see results one year after treatment.

Stop spending time and money on shaving underarms, covering up odor, and ruining shirts from deodorant and sweat. miraDry gives you back your confidence and lets you wear your favorite shirts or dresses without worrying about sweat stains.

Why MiraDry is the Solution You Need

Hyperhidrosis affects up to three percent of Americans, and most often occurs in the underarms. It often develops as a teen, and can persist throughout life. There are many factors that can cause hyperhidrosis, such as systemic diseases, endocrine issues, and neurological issues, but most of the time it’s simply genetics and poor luck. Many hyperhidrosis patients say they sweat consistently regardless of the weather or what they’re doing.

Excessive sweating has led sufferers to try just about anything, from costly antiperspirants to medication. Some of these approaches might help a little, or temporarily, but miraDry is the only non-surgical solution that will work for life. Having sweat and odor glands that work overtime can get in the way of your personal and professional life. It can keep you from doing things you love, like dancing or wearing that favorite shirt that’s prone to showing the first drop of sweat.

MiraDry has no unwanted side effects and the recovery period is minimal and of course varies person to person. A lot of clients choose to forego deodorant entirely after treatment, which further decreases the chances of ruining clothing. If you’re ready to get your sweat under control for good, miraDry might be what you’ve been looking for.

Stop Excessive Sweating with MiraDry

Only a medical professional trained in the miraDry system and with the latest miraDry technology can offer this unique procedure. To learn more and schedule your appointment, contact Spectrum Dermatology at (480) 948-8400.