If Mona Lisa Had Kybella

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If Mona Lisa Had Kybella

According to the “Golden Ratio” developed by the Greeks, Mona Lisa actually isn’t very attractive, and her double chin is a big part of it. Had she had access to Kybella, the double chin treatment available at Spectrum, her portrait might be worth even more than the current appraisal of $775 million.

Kybella Reshapes Your Face

The golden ratio is a math equation designed to measure beauty regardless of time, space, or place. It can actually be used on just about anything, not just people, but is famous for its use by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Vitruvian Man. The closer the ratios are to the ideal 1.62, the more attractive something is—including the human face. Sadly, Mona Lisa only gets to 86.6 percent of “perfect” using the golden ratio. Specifically, it’s her eye shape, space between lips and nose, and double chin that docks her points.

The latest face-mapping technology was recently used to gauge the attractiveness of several classic paintings. Compared to all other paintings and portraits, the Mona Lisa scored lowest on the chin area. Perhaps it was the brilliant brushstrokes and that undeniable enigmatic smile that makes the Mona Lisa such a stunner.

Fortunately for modern-day Mona Lisas, there are options to customize the face in a safe and comfortable manner. Kybella works as a series of injections that banish fat cells in the under-chin area. The results are gradual and natural, so it doesn’t look like any “work” has been done. The gradual results also help ensure skin stays taut and has a chance to readjust to lost volume. A sudden loss of fat can make skin appear saggy.

Kybella Injection Consultation at Spectrum Dermatology

Every person is unique, a one of a kind work of art, so how many injections you’ll need will vary. Kybella is non-invasive, and there is no downtime. Double chins can be caused by many factors including excess weight, genetics, and age. If you’d like to get portrait-ready in 2019, book a Kybella appointment at Spectrum Dermatology today.