Is Salt at Fault for Eczema?

Is Salt at Fault for Eczema? | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Is Salt at Fault for Eczema?

There is no cure for eczema, but there are many ways to soothe the symptoms, and knowing your triggers is key for reducing flareups. Spectrum Dermatology works closely with eczema patients to create a customized approach to eczema prevention and management. However, new research shows that an excess of salt in the diet might be an eczema trigger.

Many eczema patients already know that spicy, hot foods and alcohol are common eczema triggers. But salt? That’s news to many.

According to researchers at the Technical University of Munich, eczema patients with high levels of salt in their skin are more prone to flareups. Extra salt helps harmful bacteria (Staph aureus) grow and can lead to eczema flareups. This isn’t necessarily true for all eczema patients. It’s simply another common potential trigger for patients to be aware of.

Everyone will have their own unique eczema triggers, and these can change over time. However, too much salt isn’t good for anyone. It’s hidden in a lot of foods. Being aware of your salt consumption on a daily basis can better your health whether you’re an eczema patient or not.

Eczema is somewhat akin to having a propensity to sensitive skin. Almost anything can be a trigger, but diet has consistently been linked to eczema flareups. Start to take notice of your daily sodium consumption, and you might be surprised by how much salt is in seemingly healthy foods.

The only way an eczema patient can really tell what their trigger foods are is with trial and error. The FDA estimates that most Americans eat around 3,400 mg of sodium per day, even though the recommended maximum is 2,300. One easy way to decrease salt consumption is to swap out this seasoning with a low-sodium alternative.

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