How to Know if Laser Cosmetic Treatment Options Are Right For You

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How to Know if Laser Cosmetic Treatment Options Are Right For You

You may have passed a certain birthday or have just noticed increased lines and wrinkles where once there were none, and you’re thinking now might be the perfect time to consider a laser cosmetic treatment option. With so many procedures available you’re not quite sure of which one might be the best one for you.

Laser cosmetic dermatology encompasses a wide array of treatments and procedures. Some of these include:


Usually these are used to treat skin which is aging; brown spots, for instance, appear and give your skin a dull, older appearance. Once known as ‘liver spots’ they can be quite unsightly, and something you don’t want to see on yourself.

Or you may be looking for a treatment that will take care of sun damage, wrinkles, or scar revision. There is a procedure called the eMatrix which is a new fractional skin rejuvenation device. Once you have this laser treatment, you will see an overall improvement to your skin; better tone and a reduction of wrinkles.

Not everyone will be a good candidate for every procedure. This is something you will want to talk over in detail with your laser cosmetic dermatologist. They have the expertise and knowledge to guide you to a right decision.

Many of the laser cosmetic dermatology treatments are in-office and don’t take very long to perform. There may be more than one treatment you will need in order for the procedure to be successful.

One thing to keep in mind though is that insurance companies will cover general dermatology procedures; such as those for acne. Laser cosmetic dermatology is typically deemed not medically necessary; it’s something you want in order to enhance your skin as you age. Therefore, it is not covered by your insurance.

As with any dermatology question or concern, you will want to contact our office in order for someone to help you determine which services are covered. They will be able to offer you dermatology financing options for all of your health and beauty needs. Once you decide to opt for a laser cosmetic procedure, you will meet first with one of the dermatologists at Spectrum Dermatology to determine if you are a good candidate. Call us today at 480-948-8400 or book your appointment online.