Laser Hair Removal


Just about everybody is a candidate for laser hair removal and Spectrum Dermatology treats just about any skin type, light, dark, or tan. However, the lighter the skin is, the more effective the laser hair removal will be, so it is best to try to keep the body area being treated out of the sun while you are getting treatments.

How Laser Hair Removal Works



Because the laser is attracted to the melanin in the hair shaft, the treated hair must have color (brown or black) in order for the follicle to be destroyed by the laser. This means that light blonde, white, or light reddish-blonde hair is not treatable with lasers. Because hormones are the main predictor of hair growth, it would not be a good idea for a pre-teen to be lasered until they are through puberty. Pregnant women should wait to start laser hair removal until after your little bundles of joy have arrived.

Promoting Hair Removal

Laser hair removal effectively reduces most of the hair with color, and hair that is in an active growth phase. As mentioned above, light blonde hair and other hair that is nearly colorless will not be heated enough by the laser to destroy the follicle. In general the average patient feels that they have successfully finished their hair removal process after 6-8 treatments. However, some patients may require more laser treatments depending on the nature of their hair or their skin type.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment | Spectrum Dermatology

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Treatment Areas

Because of the safe cooling features of our lasers, just about any body area can be treated. This includes such sensitive areas as the lip, ears, nose, and groin area.


Number of Treatments

For complete hair removal, you will most likely need at least 6 treatments. This is because hair grows in cycles, and only the follicles that are in an active growth stage at the time of the treatment are removed. When the next stage of hair becomes active (about 4-8 weeks later), you will come on back for another appointment to treat those hairs while they are in their active growth stage. Sometimes it takes up to about 8 treatments (8-12 treatments with the YAG Laser) to get most of the hair, depending on your personal hair growth characteristics.


The FDA has approved our lasers for safe and effective hair removal, and the treatments are noninvasive and can be customized to each person’s individual skin type, making it very safe for just about everybody. You may experience some redness or swelling, but this is temporary and does not cause pain. In addition, all of our Certified Medical Laser Technicians have completed an extensive laser training course that has been approved by the Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency and is in compliance with Arizona State law.

Questions About Pain

Many people describe the sensation as being similar to a quick rubber band snap. After the procedure patients may experience slight redness. This typically subsides within minutes to one day after treatment. You will be fine to carry on with your day immediately after treatment.

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