Make the Most of Your Microneedling

Make the Most of Your Microneedling | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Make the Most of Your Microneedling

Microneedling uses a special, medical-grade hand tool to puncture the top layer of skin in order to encourage cell turnover and increase collagen production. It’s a very popular treatment at Spectrum Dermatology and a great complement to a wide range of additional procedures. However, the pre- and post-treatment care instructions can help optimize your results. Specific instructions may vary from person to person, and clients are always provided with full, clear pre- and post-treatment care instructions during their consultation.

Most clients must stop Accutane treatment for at least six months prior to microneedling (if you suffer from acne, Spectrum Dermatology offers a wide range of alternative treatments to Accutane). Most topical creams and ointments should be avoided up to one week prior to treatment, including retinoids, some exfoliants, and topical antibiotics.

It is usually recommended that clients stop any anti-inflammatory medications, including over-the-counter drugs like Advil and ibuprofen, three days before microneedling treatment. Anti-inflammatory drugs can interfere with the body’s natural inflammatory process, which is a must for skin replenishment.

It’s also a good idea to avoid most laser treatments two weeks before treatment, and Spectrum Dermatology can help clients schedule complementary treatments at times and dates that work with microneedling. As always, avoid excessive sun exposure two weeks leading up to treatment, and always use sunscreen. Certain sunscreens should be avoided in the days before treatment, and your dermatologist will tell you which sunscreens are safe to use before microneedling.

Avoiding shaving, waxing, and other means of hair removal is often recommended for up to one week before microneedling treatment. Clients should continue to avoid anti-inflammatory medications for one week after treatment, and “icing” the face is always discouraged as it can interfere with skin’s rejuvenation. Also, continue to avoid excessive sun exposure, especially tanning, and follow all post-care instructions in order to maximize results.

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