Meet ResurFX, the Latest Addition to Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Suite

Meet ResurFX Laser Skin Resurfacing | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Meet ResurFX, the Latest Addition to Our Laser Skin Resurfacing Suite

Spectrum Dermatology has always carried the largest suite of laser skin resurfacing technologies to give our clients the safest and most effective gorgeous results. The latest addition to our treatment options is ResurFX, the only genuine non-ablative technology on the market. With just one “pass” (treatment) you’ll get the results you want. It’s different than other fractional technologies because of its one pass approach, which helps you save time and your skin.

ResurFX features a 1565 nm fiber laser and an incredibly advanced scanning system, allowing your skin care team to customize your treatment with 600 combinations of different densities, shapes, and sizes. It might be “just” one pass, but that single pass is carefully designed just for you, your skin, and your goals. Your comfort is a top priority, which is why ResurFX with CoolScan offers a cutting-edge scanning system that protects your skin from the heat and increases comfort. The special handpiece, which looks similar to a blow dryer, can offer constant contact cooling for a truly enjoyable laser resurfacing experience.

What ResurFX Treats

ResurFX is a product of Lumenis, a leading maker of your favorite laser skin rejuvenation technologies. ResurFX can help minimize skin discoloration, acne scars, stretch marks, and even out the skin tone. It also helps tighten skin while treating fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, and age spots. You can enjoy fantastic results with virtually no downtime with ResurFX, which takes the laser skin rejuvenation to the next level. Compared to older lasers, ResurFX is comparable to a lunch break treatment. CO2 lasers can cause several days of peeling, swelling, and crusting, but that isn’t the case with ResurFX.

Non-ablative lasers stimulate the skin only deep enough to stimulate collagen production. There’s no ablating or harming of the skin, although some minor redness may be present for a few hours after your treatment. Collagen is our body’s natural fountain of youth, though we produce less of it as we age. When we stimulate collagen production, skin becomes smoother, tighter, more even, and more youthful. ResurFX is also a fractional laser, which delivers the laser to the skin in small dots for a “fractional” dose.

Preparing for Your ResurFX Treatment

A topical anesthetic is usually applied for optimal comfort immediately before a ResurFX treatment. A cooling device further increases the client’s comfort with chilly blasts of air on the treatment site. The length of your treatment will depend on the target site, but you can expect most appointments to last 20 – 60 minutes. Immediately after laser skin resurfacing, a small amount of redness and swelling may occur, but most clients feel comfortable enough to immediately return to their daily tasks.

It’s very important to avoid direct sun exposure before and after your ResurFX treatment. Choose a medical-grade sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 and with broadband protection. Opting for a laser skin resurfacing treatment is a great time to reassess your current skin protection regimen. The highest quality sunscreens are only available from your dermatologist, and creating a custom sun protection plan can be part of your prep work for ResurFX.

Sustaining Your ResurFx Results

ResurFX only requires one pass per treatment, but for optimal results the technology is designed as a series. Most clients benefit from 3 – 4 treatments spaced one month apart. You can maximize your results by following a careful sun protection regimen after your treatments and with routine maintenance sessions in the future. ResurFX is so gentle on the skin compared to other lasers that you don’t have to wait long between treatments because the skin does not need much time to heal.

You will see results after the first treatment, but most clients have a degree of sun damage or signs of aging that will require more treatments. During your consultation, you will learn how many treatments are recommended for you and how closely they can be scheduled to one another. Many clients also like to pair laser skin resurfacing with other treatments such as dermal fillers or neuromodular injections like Botox. Youthful, glowing, flawless skin is a big part of looking and feeling your best, and can be complemented with a variety of other non-surgical treatments.

Are you ready to learn more about ResurFX and the many other laser skin resurfacing technologies available in our office? Call Spectrum Dermatology today at (480) 948-8400 to schedule your consultation or appointment.