Is the Microneedling SkinPen Right for You?

Is the Microneedling SkinPen Right for You? | Spectrum Dermatology

Is the Microneedling SkinPen Right for You?

Microneedling has been a safe, proven, and very effective means of encouraging your body to produce collagen for years, and the Bellus SkinPen is the ultimate delivery device. It’s available at Spectrum Dermatology, and one of the most popular add-on treatments to complement just about any other procedure, from dermal fillers to Botox. The microneedling SkinPen works by creating tiny micro-punctures in the skin, which causes your body to rush blood (below the surface) to the “trauma” site while simultaneously kick-starting collagen production in the target area. The results of the microneedling SkinPen start to reveal themselves within one month of your treatment. Most clients opt for routine microneedling SkinPen sessions to optimize and sustain their results.

One of the most common reasons clients love the microneedling SkinPen is that it’s all-natural. It relies entirely on your body’s own healing powers. Your skin is the biggest organ you have, and it’s designed to quickly and efficiently heal traumas—including those that are controlled and expertly inflicted. There are no chemicals, heat, or anything else involved with the SkinPen. Sometimes all your body needs is a little push in the right direction to look younger, healthier, and brighter.

The Benefits of the Microneedling SkinPen

The microneedling SkinPen isn’t just natural, it’s also safe and comfortable. The micro-wounds in the skin are so tiny and shallow that there’s no risk of any type of open wound. This means no side effects and no downtime. Some clients experience some very minor redness or swelling after having a SkinPen session, but that quickly subsides and can be compared to a mild sunburn. You’ll be able to immediately return to your daily activities after a SkinPen treatment without having to worry about anyone noticing. Although the SkinPen treatments are comfortable, clients can also ask for a topical anesthetic immediately before their treatment to maximize their comfort.

Clients and providers alike tout the versatility of the SkinPen. It can be used to treat a wide variety of common skin conditions and concerns like acne scars, lines and wrinkles, and even stretch marks. Although the SkinPen is most often used on the face, it can also be used just about anywhere on the body including the neck, chest, and hands. Bear in mind that the SkinPen is very small, so choosing this option for larger areas will extend the time of your appointment.

SkinPen is for Everyone

Any adult can schedule a SkinPen appointment regardless of their skin type. However, no open wounds can be present on the treatment site. Other than this condition, there are no rules when it comes to the best candidate for the SkinPen. The treatment doesn’t affect the epidermis of the skin, which is where there’s pigment, making it a great choice for everyone.

The SkinPen is also very cost-effective compared to some more aggressive treatments. It’s the perfect treatment for anyone who wants to harness the healing powers of their body for more youthful, vibrant skin—and save money in the process. Microneedling with the SkinPen is so quick, easy, and enjoyable that it’s always worth trying out during your next appointment. You can also schedule the SkinPen as a standalone treatment and find out what makes it so popular.

Make Microneedling with SkinPen Part of Your Skin Care Routine

Microneedling with the SkinPen is so non-invasive that you don’t have to wait long between treatments. However, you do want to give your last treatment time to work its magic, as collagen production can take a few days. Many clients schedule their routine SkinPen sessions every 4 – 10 weeks, often choose to combine them with other maintenance sessions. If you’re thinking about trying out the SkinPen for the first time and want to look your best for a special event, schedule your treatment about one month out. This will give your skin time to heal from the micro-injuries and produce a significant amount of collagen.

Our bodies are still capable of producing collagen at any age, it just gets a little trickier the older we get. Fortunately, microneedling with the SkinPen allows experts to nudge your skin towards producing more collagen so you can reap all the benefits of glowing, vibrant, youthful skin. Learn more about the SkinPen or schedule your appointment with Spectrum Dermatology today by calling (480) 948-8400.