Mohs Surgery: Removing Skin Cancer in Just One Appointment

Mohs Surgery for Skin Cancer | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Mohs Surgery: Removing Skin Cancer in Just One Appointment

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer or worry that one of your moles is cancerous, you deserve treatment that is fast, minimally invasive, and guaranteed to ensure a cancer-free site in a single appointment. Spectrum Dermatology is one of the few dermatology clinics in the area that offers Mohs surgery, a revolutionary means of removing skin cancer in just one appointment. There’s no sending biopsies to an off-site lab only to wait and worry about whether the excision “got it all,” or scheduling multiple appointments that take up your time and increase risk factors amidst a pandemic.

The traditional way of diagnosing and treating skin cancer is time consuming and stress-inducing. Typically, this includes an initial diagnosis of skin cancer. In early stages of all types of skin cancers, the cancerous area is contained in the skin and can be effectively removed through an excision (surgical removal of the cancerous site). A dermatologist must remove the entire cancerous area, which in the past required one of two approaches. The cancerous site might have small areas excised, followed by off-site lab testing to see if all borders of the sample are cancer-free. If the cancer reaches to the border, an additional excision needs to be made. This process takes a lot of time, a lot of waiting for off-site lab testing results to come back, and of course multiple appointments with an invasive procedure each time.

The other traditional way of treating skin cancer in early stages involves immediately removing a larger area at the cancerous site. This results in a higher chance of getting an “all border clear” from the off-site lab, but with a much more invasive excision. These excisions often require sutures and leave behind a larger scar. In cases where the cancerous site is in a delicate place, such as the face, this approach can result in undesirable aesthetic results and numerous cosmetic procedures to fix the scar. Mohs surgery has changed how skin cancer is treated for the better.

How Mohs Surgery Works

Mohs surgery requires a dermatology clinic to have a lab for skin cancer testing on-site. This is the primary reason why most dermatologists don’t offer Mohs surgery. However, clinics that do offer Mohs surgery, such as Spectrum Dermatology, give patients unprecedented access to fast and effective methods for skin cancer removal. Mohs surgery begins with an excision at the cancerous site. That sample is handed directly to the on-site lab while the patient waits. The sample’s borders are tested for cancer. If cancer is found at the border, another small excision of the area is made.

Mohs surgery takes place in one appointment. This means the patient does not require multiple appointment with excisions at each while the skin partially heals between appointments. Technically, a Mohs surgery may require multiple excisions, but these excisions are small and all take place during a single appointment. This results in just one healing period for the patient and minimized scarring.

Since the Mohs surgery adopts a conservative approach, only excising small areas of the site, patients can avoid unnecessarily large excisions, long healing periods, and large scars. Patients also enjoy peace of mind knowing that the skin cancer will be entirely removed in one appointment while they wait. Removing the “wait and see” factor of traditional skin cancer removal is a relief for any patient. You can immediately get back to your daily life after Mohs surgery with confidence that you are skin cancer-free.

Making Mohs Surgery Even Safer

Undergoing Mohs surgery during a pandemic requires additional safety measures. Our clinic is fully reopened and we have adopted new safety guidelines including social distancing measures outlined by the CDC and sanitation upgrades as detailed by government agencies. Every effort has been made to ensure patient and staff safety. However, the nature of Mohs surgery also lends itself to heightened safety practices in the midst of COVID-19.

One major benefit of Mohs surgery has always been that the patient only requires one appointment. This perk is especially desirable during a pandemic. Avoid multiple appointments with Mohs surgery, and get your entire skin cancer treatment completed in one appointment. If you have a skin cancer diagnosis or need to schedule your annual skin check, learn more about Mohs surgery today when you call Spectrum Dermatology at (480) 948-8400.