Mohs Micrographic Surgery: Total Skin Cancer Removal in One Visit

Mohs Micrographic Surgery: Skin Cancer Removal Spectrum Dermatology

Mohs Micrographic Surgery: Total Skin Cancer Removal in One Visit

Melanoma can be both deadly and easy to remove when caught early. Spectrum Dermatology prioritizes the safety and comfort of all patients, which is why Mohs micrographic surgery is a preferred method. While skin cancer in early stages is simple to remove with an in-office extraction and requires no anesthesia, “removal” is only successful if the lab reports an “all clear border.”

What does this mean? Skin cancer doesn’t only happen in moles. Irregular moles are the most well-known symptom of skin cancer, but cancerous cells can occur anywhere on the skin and don’t require an irregular mole to be present. When skin cancer does present as an irregular mole, the cancerous cells may extend beyond the borders of the mole laterally or may grow downward towards the deeper layers of the skin.

Removing the mole doesn’t guarantee that a person is cancer-free. The edges, or borders, of the mole must be tested in a lab. Many dermatological offices send skin samples to off-site labs for testing. This method is effective, but what happens if not all sample borders are found to be cancer-free? The patient needs to return for multiple removals, which can result in multiple scarring.

Mohs Micrographic Surgery: An Onsite Lab

Mohs micrographic surgery requires a laboratory on-site, which Spectrum Dermatology offers. The cancerous removal is as small and conservative as possible to minimize scarring and skin trauma. The sample is tested on-site to give the doctor fast and accurate results. If not all borders are clear, more of the cancerous area is removed. The removal and testing is repeated until the lab reports an all-clear border. Only then is the patient released.

Not only does the Mohs surgical technique minimize scarring and ensure the smallest removal possible, it offers peace of mind. There is no returning for appointments when an off-site lab reports that borders are not clear. Fast, simple, pain-free appointments that offer immediate peace of mind are what every patient deserves. Not every dermatology office offers Mohs microsurgery. An on-site lab is not the norm, but Spectrum Dermatology is committed to making sure patients receive the best treatment possible. Schedule your mole check or Mohs micrographic surgery today by calling Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400.