Moles: A History of Beauty Marks

Moles: A History of Beauty Marks | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Moles: A History of Beauty Marks

Whether you love them or hate them, or call them moles or beauty marks, moles have a unique history in the fashion and beauty world. Spectrum Dermatology often treats clients who adore one or two of their moles but want to get rid of others. Or some clients worry that their moles may be cancerous. Moles are perfectly natural and usually harmless, but some people want to remove them for aesthetic reasons or have them biopsied if they look suspicious.

Moles have the power to grab our attention in all the right ways, especially if they’re in a preferred area. In the 18th century, men and women donned “mooches,” which were velvet patches that looked like moles. Usually, this was to cover scars from smallpox, but sometimes they were simply worn as fashion statements. Queen Marie Casimire was especially well-known for this accessory.

Most people have between 10-40 moles, but some people have many more. The more moles you have, the more important it is to schedule a yearly skin exam (though everyone should abide by this rule). If a person has over 11 moles on their dominant arm, they are likely to have around 100 moles in total.

The mole and beauty mark trend continued into the 20th century and made hyper-famous by Marilyn Monroe. She began her career with a mole on her lower cheek, but it was drawn on and “reappeared” later on her chin. Today, the Monroe piercing mimics the beauty mark with a stud.

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Cindy Crawford is also known for her signature mole, and Dita Von Teese, at 21 years old, crafted one for herself with a tattoo. In 2012, Chanel featured black velvet moles on models shaped as the interlocked “C” logo, and the mole obsession continues today. While beauty marks can make great fashion accessories, whether natural or not, it’s important to remember that all moles should be regularly checked for red flags. If you haven’t scheduled your annual mole check for 2019, consider it part of your spring tasks. Contact Spectrum Dermatology today and schedule your appointment.