More Men are Trying Botox

More Men are Trying Botox | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

More Men are Trying Botox

Across the board, men are trying cosmetic procedures like Botox more often than ever before. Spectrum Dermatology has seen a surge of male clients, especially after being named Top Doc in both 2017 and 2018. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 467,000 men got Botox injections in 2017. That’s a 400 percent increase since 2000.

Primary and Alternative Uses for Botox

Like women, not all Botox patients choose the procedure purely for esthetic concerns. Botox has been proven to help with migraines, excessive sweat, and other issues. However, the majority of male Botox clients are indeed seeking out the injection to help look younger and feel better about themselves. Skin rejuvenation is no longer purely a female priority.

In 2017, over seven million people in the U.S. opted for Botox. The fast, simple, and pain-free avenue to reduce fine lines and wrinkles have become a mainstream esthetic treatment. However, similar to any treatment, there are risks if the procedure is not performed correctly. The most common adverse side effects are droopy eyelids or areas temporarily frozen in undesired positions. The key to any injection is the training and experience behind the injector.

Skilled Injectors Create Beautiful Botox Results For Men and Women

The person injecting Botox should always be board certified or otherwise supervised by a board certified physician. In some states and at some clinics, an untrained person might be injecting Botox. That is why it is always important to ask about board certification and training. In the hands of a skilled provider, Botox is safe and highly effective.

Men of all ages and in all types of industries are at least trying out Botox if not making it a part of their regular routine. However, men in high-powered positions and industries where youthfulness is revered (such as tech startups) are particularly drawn to the injections. As the playing fields get a little more level, men are being held to the same youthful standards as women. Looking younger is linked to faster promotions and higher-paying jobs, and feeling better about oneself is a natural self-esteem booster.

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