Most Common Medical Dermatology Issue

Most Common Dermatology Issue | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Most Common Medical Dermatology Issue

Acne affects millions of people every year, and it’s one of the most commonly treated conditions at Spectrum Dermatology. Here, you’ll find the latest and most effective treatment. Acne affects around 50 million Americans every year, but there are various types of acne and some can be painful and leave lifelong scars. Since acne is so common, it’s often brushed aside as an aesthetic concern, but in actuality, it’s a real medical condition that often requires expert treatment.

Not All Acne is the Same

Cystic acne is the most severe form of acne. It lasts longer than other types of acne and is frustrating because of its inflammatory nature. When acne becomes large, sore, and is located deep in the skin, those are all signs of cystic acne. Even though you should never squeeze or pick any type of acne, one of the most common indicators of cystic acne is that you can’t squeeze or pick it because of its depth. Cystic acne never “comes to the surface” and is most common on the chin and jaw area.

This type of acne is caused by bacteria and clogged pores, with the bacteria causing swelling and inflammation deep within the pores. Both genetics and poor luck are the cause of cystic acne, and of course, hormones play a big role, too. In some cases, dairy can also trigger cystic acne.

Over-the-counter creams aren’t going to work on this type of acne because they simply can’t reach them. Only a dermatologist can provide the right topical or oral treatments for cystic acne, and in some cases a cortisone injection may be recommended. Dermatologists are also the only experts who can treat the lingering scars left by cystic acne, often by laser skin resurfacing or chemical peels.

Get Clearer Skin

There are two rules when you have any form of acne, and especially cystic acne: don’t pick it, and schedule a dermatology appointment immediately. As a medical condition, acne often requires expert care, treatments, and products. Get your acne under control today and schedule your appointment at Spectrum Dermatology.