Now at Spectrum Dermatology: Nutrafol Helps Maximize Hair Growth

Nutrafol Helps Maximize Hair Growth | Spectrum Dermatology, Scottsdale

Now at Spectrum Dermatology: Nutrafol Helps Maximize Hair Growth

Both men and women struggle with hair thinning and loss. Spectrum Dermatology specializes in hair growth and restoration, and they were ranked Top Doc in 2017 and 2018. With a variety of hair growth procedures and products, clients benefit from the best options alongside award-winning esthetic excellence. The latest addition to the clinic’s lineup for hair growth is Nutrafol, a completely natural formula to regrow hair.

Nutrafol is a drug-free option for hair thinning and loss that’s connected to hormone shifts and stress. The product controls inflammation while helping to stimulate the body’s natural hair growth cycle. Just like every other part of the body, hair requires correct nourishment and care. Unfortunately, the hair and nails are the first places the body stops nourishment when there is a shortage.

According to research connected to Nutrafol, some of the most common causes of hair thinning and loss are inflammation, irregular signals, and oxidative stress. When free radicals are released into the body, micro-inflammation begins. This can change the hair growth cycle, which every person experiences in three stages per year. Hair growth cycles include growth, shedding, and a stagnant stage. A healthy person moves through these cycles with ease, but those with hair thinning or loss may be stuck in the stagnant or shedding stage.

How Nutrafol Works To Restore Hair Growth

Nutrafol works by keeping hormones balanced while minimizing inflammation and repairing the follicles. This process leads to better circulation and a return to natural hair growth cycles. The product features concentrated ingredients designed to make hair stronger and healthier without the need for medications.

However, bear in mind that there are many causes of hair thinning and loss. Causes unrelated to stress, inflammation, and hormone shifts can include various types of alopecia and male-pattern baldness. It is essential to understand the cause of hair thinning or loss in order to customize treatment.

Connect with Spectrum Dermatology and Explore Hair Restoration Options

The specialists at Spectrum Dermatology personalize hair growth plans for each client based on cause. The sooner hair loss is treated, the faster and simpler achieving results will be. Call Spectrum Dermatology at 480-948-8400 to schedule your hair growth consultation today and find out if Nutrafol is right for you.